1. ehh  

    if there's one thing the future corporate elite of america need, it's the categorical imperative. or at least some moral standard. they don't teach them in macro.

  2. Speccie

    hmmm... Spectator does some actual reporting, finds the guy who was kicking people in the head at the Minutemen protest, and it's not even in the highlights? Looks like a certain blog is sore to get beat on Minutemen coverage.

  3. rjt  

    Oh shit, correction: NOT TO BE rehashing. I have shamed my family.

  4. McFister

    I, for one, take issue with Kulawik's assertion that the executive board of the College Republicans was merely acting at the service of its membership bringing these Minutemen goons to campus. Bullshit. If they were serving their membership, they would have recognized that no good would come of bringing the Minutemen to campus. But the College Republicans aren't concerned with 'good' outcomes, they are concerned with stirring up shit and trying to make the left look bad. Kulawik knows as well as anybody else that there is a sizable lunatic fringe on campus that can be manipulated for good effect. Not surprising, this is exactly what occurred. The desired outcome was achieved, now Horowitz and the rest of the right wing-nuts can point fingers at the left for being thought controlling, mind-controlling hypocrites who 'stifle free-speech.' Perhaps no so ironically this is the same 'tautology' that Kulawik accuses the leftists elements on campus of setting up. Well, Mr. Kulawik, I think there is more than enough guilt by association for both the right and the left on this one. Bravo - you have orchestrated a brilliant piece of theater at the expense thoughtful or rational debate by more even-tempered parties. I'm sure this incident (resume-builder) will earn you a well-deserved role at some 'think-tank.'

    And as for the people who rushed the stage, your are nothing but a bunch of ignorant pawns.

  5. McFisting  

    I dunno about you, but I'm going to go stick my clenched hand into some tight spaces.

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