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Students living in Cathedral Gardens and 601 West 110th street received an e-mail this morning from Barnard Dean Dorothy Denburg regarding last night’s stabbing and robbery of the Assistant Superintendent of Cathedral Gardens.  The victim, Oscar Sevilla, is currently being treated at St. Luke’s hospital.

The incident occurred between Broadway and Amsterdam on 110th St. and has prompted Barnard security to increase surveillance of the area.  Bwog will continue to follow developments. 

Full text of e-mail after the jump.  October 23rd update: Today’s Spec article can be read here.

Notice to all Residents of Cathedral Gardens and 601 West 110th

I want you to be aware of an incident that occurred this morning shortly before 6:00AM.  Oscar Sevilla, Assistant Superintendent at Cathedral Gardens, was attacked on West 110th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam, by more than one assailant in an apparent robbery.  He sustained a serious stab wound to the back and is currently in St. Luke’s; it is my understanding that he is expected to make a full recovery.

Further details are not available at this time.  Both Barnard Security and the NYPD are investigating further.  We will share additional information as it becomes known to us.  In the meantime, as a precaution, Barnard Security is increasing its regular patrols of the area.

We want to remind you to be alert and use appropriate caution when you move about at times when few people are out.

Dorothy Denburg

Dean of the College

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  1. yikes

    my prayers are with him...

    everyone please be careful.

  2. oh god  

    That is just awful.

  3. varun  

    hey bwog,
    look for my article in tomorrow's paper.
    varun :)

  4. who  

    who is varun?
    what a douche.

  5. Anonymous

    wow, poor guy. i hope he's ok.

  6. remember  

    gentrification is bad. it destroys communities and existing social instutions, like violent robbers.

    Stop gentrification and protect neighborhood character!

  7. i think  

    we'll accept the usual illogical rant about why gentrification is bad for the community. don't worry about a well-thought out response.

  8. yeah

    I'm still somewhat surprised that Barnard put a dorm in that area. Horrible story indeed.

    • David  

      110th between Broadway and Amsterdam is hardly "that area." One of my friends almost got mugged on Broadway near 111th. It just goes to show that you have to be careful wherever you are.

    • mmhm  

      after columbia rejected it due to safety concerns. it was cheaper for barnard and good "community" PR, but others were clearly shortchanged in the process.

      although it should be noted that where the crime took place was 110th between broadway and amsterdam, which is full of tony doorman buildings...not the area by the dorm itself.

  9. what  

    the hell is going on with the crimewave recently?

  10. Charlton Heston  

    If only the super packed a 44magnum. Guns guns guns we need more guns

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