High-Concept Insecurity at EC Gallerie

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The cold, barren stairwells of EC aren’t usually the most exciting venue for New York’s artistic avant-garde. Bwog was surprised, then, to find stenciled notes hanging on dueling walls, one between the 6th and 7th and 13th floors of the building and one on the 11th, sporting ironic questionnaires. “Do You Like Me?” one inquires, giving the reader the options of “No” or “Eww, No”. The other allows one to pick “Yes” or “Totally”.
Stairwell spelunker David Iscoe asks “which wall will get lucky and which one will be turned down? Maybe that’s the ‘art’ of it?” 

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  1. DHI  

    6/7th and 11th are the actual floor things: my original estimation was wrong
    Here is my interpretation:
    The 11th floor wall will inevitably be the one with a high chance of success, and the 6/7th floor one is doomed to failure. Maybe it is a commentary on the importance of confidence, and what answers you allow people to give you determines what answers you receive. As somebody who practices self-deprecation, I don’t like it, one of those positive visualization bullshits, but there are probably a lot of ways to read it; after all, I am not “hip” to what modern art “says” . At the very least, it makes my walk more interesting.

    • The total tool  

      Actually that was a totally unintentional artistic gesture, I was just drunk at the time. I'll put a matching tag up on the lonely one next time I'm in the building.

  2. Michael Fried  

    Literalist work is often condemned - when it is condemned - for being boring. A tougher charge would be that it is merely interesting.

  3. 3-20 characters?  

    HAhhaha.. I love it. When did these show up?

  4. ugh  

    It's so sad that the guy who did this is a total tool.

  5. Discover of Graffiti  

    They were created sometime between 12am-ish Friday Night (Saturday morning?) and 8am Saturday morning.

    So in that interval of 8 hours.

    My personal belief? 3:49am. Prime time for graffiti.

  6. Attendee  

    Was this done by someone at Destruction party? That spray paint looks familiar ;)

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