Matt Harrison Geeks out and Goes Green

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gogreenMatthew Harrison C’05, who loved being President of CCSC so much that he decided to stick around after graduation, has been deluging Bwog’s inbox lately (okay, he sent us two emails) hyping up Environmental Sustainability Day (which is apparently tomorrow).

He geeked out a bit to let us know there is now an environmental section on the University Events Calendar, which we all check religiously at least four times every day after our emails, the NY Times, Gothamist, and of course, Bwog.

“It’ll be green for the next few days (to draw attention) and then turn green to match the rest of the site,” he writes.

He’s also tickled pink (er, green) by the header on Columbia’s Ask Us page, the “Go Green Columbia” logo on the header of CUIT’s website and the announcements on the SFS, Registrar, the ID Center, Housing, and Dining homepages. Yes, it’s also an event on our site right over there —–>

We know he loves this stuff. He knows we know he loves this stuff. He ends his email with: “I’m a dork.”

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the University’s (kind of overdue) campaign, Matt!

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  1. is it me  

    or is stamping this shit all over the university's web presence the most ridiculous waste of time, money, and resources imaginable?

  2. well

    i can't imagine it took very much time or money. and i don't know what other resources you mean.

    • well  

      even the five seconds it may have taken to change the color code on one portion of the navigation bar of the calendar for example could have been spent on something more productive. as it is, they wasted power that was generated by some environmentally unfriendly means on it.

  3. ridiculouser

    Lerner ramps
    giant fake cake
    protest banners
    School of Continuing Education
    Jeffrey Sachs

  4. matthew

    in my defense, emailing you guys stuff like that is my job.

    i'm just, you know, bad at it.

  5. do you think  

    anyone reads Gothamist, NYTimes, and Bwog four times a day who doesn't write for Bwog?

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