QuickSpec — Feminist Ire Edition

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  1. Anonymous  

    Hilarious picture on quick spec today. Nicely done.

  2. this quickspec is  


  3. hmm  

    it actually seems more unsettling than funny to me.

  4. reminds  

    me of the video to we will become silhouttes.

    all you need is for them to be eating preserves

  5. ???  

    Postal Service reference? Lame...

  6. whoops  

    (That last comment was in regards to #4)

  7. well  

    I know the girl involved in this stalker situation. She is extremely crazy and annoying (though I still think she's telling the truth).

  8. i actually think  

    the people at movie place are as insufferable douchey as those at kims

  9. shira  

    Good editorial, Natasha.

    • the only  

      problem i have is that she doesn't really say how her mother's case was a case of gender discrimination or what the university claims their defense is (why has her suit being lying around for so long?)

      and i'm not sure how one case is an indictment of entire depts. The fact is that the sciences and maths have been making huge overtures to get more women in their depts.

  10. a fan  

    Quick Spec is getting more hilarious by the day. Keep up the good work...

  11. the biggest problem  

    is that rather than creating a cogent, rational argument she becomes too emotionally invested. she sounds like a daughter on a tirade rather than a physics student complaining about a female presence in the physics faculty.

  12. Sprinkles  

    Just remember, Julian Valin is innocent until prove guilty.

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