Bird Expert needed

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birdBwog recieved this picture and a panicked message from a camera phone a few minutes ago:

“I WAS WALKING DOWN BROADWAY AND THIS LITTLE AGE [sic] WAS SITTING INJURED ON THE SIDEWALK SOMEONE FIND A BIRD EXPERT. There as to be someone here for enviro day.We put him near this Tree at bArnard”

Save the bird! Make a friend!


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  1. Anonymous  

    It's just a little song sparrow. Not a big deal.

  2. Gross  

    Eww...You're actually touching the thing??

  3. damn  

    Man, you a scared ass motherfucking bitch, it's just a motherfucking bird, if people couldn't touch animals then how the fuck we get animals to eat? Goddamn, bitch, you ignorant.

  4. Artsy kids?  

    Was that a sly reference to Raphael's "Madonna of the Goldfinch" or have I been studying too much for Art Hum?

  5. Dr. NO  

    BIRD FLU>>>>BIRD FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Rescues?  

    Birds fly into the clear glass of Lerner every day, the place is a deathtrap. Walk by the building any morning and look down, you'll see a dead sparrow or something similar.

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