Floral Harassment?

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flowerBwog has no words.

In other potty gossip:

Guy #1 – So, I almost crapped myself during the exam because the professor wouldn’t let me leave.

Guy #2 (after pausing pensively) – I think if a professor doesn’t let you take a dump during the exam, it should be considered fair game to just drop your pants and lay one right on their desk.

Guy #1 – I totally agree.

Guy #2 – It’s like telling them, “Ok, you wouldn’t let me handle my problem alone, so now it’s your problem.”

Thanks to Steven Thomas for easvesdropping in Hamilton elevators. 

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  1. hold up

    how is that related to either condoms or flowers?

  2. its true  

    if the prof doesn't let you go to the bathroom you have the right to crap on his desk. i'm pretty sure it's in facets.

  3. jim

    that condom is still there (as of 6 pm friday)

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