Roll out the pork barrel

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If you don’t know the name Charles Rangel (aka Charlie, Chuck, C-Unit), you would be wise to consider the following: Rangel, the Democratic representative of the 15th Congressional District- which includes Morningside Heights- stands a chance at becoming the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means if the Dems take the House this year. At the moment, he is the ranking Democrat on the committee.

In congressional arithmetic, the quotient of the Ways divided by the Means is… pork. Thick slabs of pork, in fact: lots of special funding for projects in his home district. ‘Well,’ you may say, ‘how do we know we’ll get a piece of the pork-pie?’

Simply consider the following, observed by tipster Seth Berliner:

“Congressman Charlie Rangel was sighted today at about 10:50 a.m. walking South on the East side of Broadway at about 115th.  He was admiring the local foods fair, and seemed particularly excited by the breads, which elicited an excited ‘ohh.'”

Clearly planning for a nice ham sandwich.

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  1. rangel says

    You don't come into my country, you don't come into my congressional district, and you don't criticize my president. Any questions? I've said it all.

    I don't care how many times he's tried to overthrow you...

  2. Watcher  

    On the flip side, Rangel said that if the Dems don't take the house, he's resigning.

  3. foreigner  

    What does it mean to be the ranking Democrat? Does it go by years served on the committee?

    • former intern  

      It usually means that they are the most senior mrmber of the party(read there longest). However it's up to the leadership of the Democrats in the house(Nancy Pelosi)on who is ranking member. It really means nothing except that the ranking member becomes chair if the dems, in this instance, take back the house

  4. quiqui  

    I saw him too. And my first thought was to tell Bwog, but I on my way to class. That just shows how much I think about Bwog, I guess.

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