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Why We’re Out of District 13, Maybe

Last week, Columbia was kicked out of New York’s 13th Congressional district, and Clyde Williams, who’s running to represent District 13 in Congress, thinks he knows why. According to Capital: The “political leadership was afraid of the whites on the Upper West Side” not supporting them anymore, Williams told a group of small business owners he […]

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Bwoglines: Ups and Downs Edition

Columbia all-star Professor Jeffrey Sachs tells us why we should make the “conscious pursuit of happiness the Ninth Millennium Goal.” The key, he argues, is equilibrium. (NYT) House votes 333-79 to censure Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel for numerous ethics violations. (HuffPo) The U.S. unemployment rate rises to 9.8%. (Bloomberg) Creepy Disney town Celebration, FL sees […]

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Bwoglines: Apocalypse Now Edition

It’s the end of an era: Four Loko will no longer be shipped to New York State. We’ll never 4get you, “blackout in a can.” Reminisce, dear readers, and stay tuned for a Four Loko themed poll. How will the restless masses react without their Jolly Rancher flavored Satan sweat? Hoard? Deal? (NYTimes) We’ve got […]

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Bwoglines: Contemporary Civilization Edition

History Ph.D. candidate, CC instructor, and HuffPo columnist Meghan Doherty tells the world about Plato’s Republic. And calls you all “elite.” (HuffPo) Did you know that Ivy League football players can make it to the NFL? Will that change your mind about going to football games this season? (Bloomberg) A new Columbia University Center for […]

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Bwoglines: Bargains and Battles Edition

House G.O.P Leader, John Boehner, open to compromise on tax cut. (NY Times) At last night’s VMAs, Kanye and Tay Swift resolved the Swiftboating incident—in song and over Twitter, the way celebs are supposed to do these things. (AP) “Tireless” Tasini charms voters with his adorable sense of humor, challenging embattled and ethically questionable Charles […]

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Bwoglines: A Restaurant and Some Political Things

Vareli is finally, gloriously open!– ON MONDAY! So much more to come! (Vareli) The Gowanus Canal has been designated an EPA Superfund site, which somehow means that its cleanup might be even more beset by bureaucratic inefficiency. (The New York Times) The Helvidius Group/CU Journal of Politics and Society speaks with International Relations bigwig Professor […]

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QuickSpec: P. Vergilius Baro Edition

   Photo courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art I sing of warfare and a man at war. Exiled by fate from the Eastern shore, He came to Israel by destiny. A fugitive, buffeted by land, sea, and fluid, Cruel funding losses were his lot in life, Till he could found a team and bring […]

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QuickSpec: Girl Power Edition

Hillary Clinton at Barnard, Spars for pay raises. In debut, Sparing nothing for Clinton’s Barnard speech. The Mothers of Harlem trusted Mr. Rangel. That girl’s shoes are totally hideous. Halloween, Ricky’s (neé Kim’s) are a girl’s new best friend.

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QuickSpec: Hopefully Your Web Redesign Goes Over Better Than Ours Edition

Fresh from the newly cleaned-up Spectator website: How about just… not assigning exams in Lerner? Morningside Heights to Rangel: Draft? Seriously? Now where will we buy our discount movie passes? This just in: Professors’ ideas on sexuality often out-of-date! (please read this)  

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Roll out the pork barrel

If you don’t know the name Charles Rangel (aka Charlie, Chuck, C-Unit), you would be wise to consider the following: Rangel, the Democratic representative of the 15th Congressional District- which includes Morningside Heights- stands a chance at becoming the chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means if the Dems take the House this year. […]

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