QuickSpec- Exodus Edition

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  1. hmmm  

    From the Datskovsky collum

    "at 11 years old, the club has a great relationship with the administration"

    Poor choice of words

  2. she isn't  

    the only one. aparently there are republicans for spitzer too

  3. someone  

    needs to spank Miriam. In the head. With a baseball bat. STOP KILLING SEX FOR EVERYONE!

  4. DHI  

    I think the bobrauschenbergamerica article and the sex column should have been combined into one article. The play was great, and sex on top of a martini is a much better form of kinky sex than spanking, and you can even make a series of one word sentences about it.
    "Gin. Vermouth. Olives. Desire. Want."

  5. Anonymous

    "No matter what my beliefs are, Israel is at the top of my agenda," she said. "I don't like that people choose a party and stick with it.

    Allowing a singular issue like Israel to decide your candidate isn't much different than sticking with a party.

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