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The love affair comes to an end… This is actually a big deal Money! In Soviet Russia, Russia’s Future dissects YOU!

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The New York Times Magazine covers sex publications, marking the eighteenth time in as many years Bwog has read about H-Bomb; interestingly, the aforementioned Harvard publication was granted college funding, unlike, say, Columbia’s Outlet. No mention of sex pieces in non-sexual college publications? Following in the footsteps of our favorite “explicitly, absolutely, without a doubt […]

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Bwog is signing off for awhile to stuff our faces with sweetmeats and to relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood-style. But before we do, we asked several campus figures to tell us what they want for Chrismakwanzikkah or the other non-denominational winter holiday they celebrate. We got a few responses, starting with Sumaiya Ahmed’s interview with… Antonio, […]

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Spec abstains

Something’s up in California–at USC, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Trojan was sacked by the school’s Vice President of Student Affairs after being re-elected to the position by his staff. It’s gotten some people upset, garnered a bit of national press, and attracted the attention of the venerable Harvard Crimson, which got 18 college papers […]

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Women must overcome shortness, queen bees, and Barbie in their epic quest for tenure Freshman fornication facilitated? Lactation station rouses male curiosity, Carman pride Sex columnist informs us being frightened of subway rats not necessarily gay, quotes…other sex columnist, who discusses (why not?) class implications of kinkiness GS student: I’m not part of a Star Trek villain-race! I’m just “the scruffy […]

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Bwog must interrupt its holiday programming for this important announcement. The New York Daily News, that staid bastion of equanimity, has declared that Columbia is out of control, and they’re not talking politics: this time, it’s all that wild crazy sex. The 1,200-word feature story (which ran online with the dubiously related picture at right) […]

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Vowing to “protect the world at large from horrible sex advice” and claiming that Spec sex columnist Miriam Datskovsky “is a violation of all of our human rights,” anonymous tipster “Captain Subtext” has informed Bwog of the Fire Miriam Datskovsky blog. The site primarily contains frighteningly thorough critiques of many of Miriam’s columns and of those who […]

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Tel Aviv taps Zvi… …After mysterious disappearance of CB… …While Republicans shed party loyalty Take Back the Night hands out “pens, highlighters, chapstick, lollipops” at 1020, patrons confused Play includes “chicken farming”, “a fringed belt assembled from a shredded copy of the Columbia Daily Spectator”, “a Bible-quoting triple-murderer turned pizza boy”, “freedom” Spec serials continue their […]

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