Quick Spec — Next time don’t hang out on a powerline edition

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  1. Uhh...  

    yes, there is one?

  2. Just saying,  

    Fernanda Diaz is the only genuine writer the Spec has on its roll of columnists. She's got a great writing style.

  3. Anonymous  

    that column was utterly boring. it could have been written in 5 sentences.

  4. waste of space  

    that column had absolutly no point... does she feel special because she takes cabs.. because she shouldn't... Every other car in ny wouldnt be a cab if people werent using them.... in fact ive taken a cab several times from 113th to 109th st... maybe i should be a spec writer

  5. beh  

    I love how she dismisses criticism of the weaslth needed for one to constantly be taking cabs as a typical columbia criticism, but hardly answers what is a rather valid point- I'm pretty well off, for example, but I don't have the money to take cabs all over. it's especially shocking that she's the "new york" columnist but doesn't use something as elemental to the city as the subway, IMO.

    • DHI  

      To be fair, none of the reasons she takes cabs apply to the subway.

      Taking cabs is expensive but trades off with other costs Columbia students pay: entertainment, food beyond the basics, travel outside NY, alcohol, drugs, music, big purchases like iPods or cameras or shit, clothes (which is definitely more bullshit than cabs), etc.
      Now I don't take cabs too often and never because walking/Subway is cheaper and I enjoy walking more anyway, but the fact remains that her ability taking cabs might just be a difference in how she prioritizes her purchases (compared to the average Columbia student) rather than a difference in net wealth (which is apparently bad to have now but great to have later, as people like to play down their current budget and play up their jobs).

      • yeah but  

        do you have evidence she's really living as an ascetic or something beyond her exorbitant cab fares? because, if not, I'm going to assume she's a typical columbia student. I mean, who in their right mind would give up their material purchasing capabilities primarily to cab fares?

        besides, a columnist on new york life, writing for students, who never takes the subway? lame. no wonder she's so enthralled with the city; 95% of its unpleasantries are underground.

  6. maybe...  

    "I mean, who in their right mind would give up their material purchasing capabilities primarily to cab fares?"

    Maybe that's the point...?

  7. for fucks sake!  

    who are you people? why are you so angry? are you trying to say you NEVER ride in cabs? she didn't say she doesn't ride the subeway, she just said she likes to take a cab every now and then. i think that's a stupid reason to write a column, but i think it's even dumber to bitch about it or talk about daddy buying towncars... you fucking peasants...

  8. e.g.  

    the only people who use the subway are poors.


    mass transit is prole transportation.

  9. i concur  

    buses are for poor people

  10. McFister

    And for people who go to State Universities.

  11. well  

    poor people=people who go to state universities

  12. you prole  

    It's Paul Fussell with two "l"s. What, did you get a state education or something?

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