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Rodent Hop: Bwog Sits Down With Morningside Heights’ Sexiest Subway Rat

Bwogger Jordan Merrill ventures deep into the fiery pits of the 116 St. subway station to sit down with the famous subway rat affectionately known as Rat.  My palms are sweating, a sure and obvious symptom of my nervousness. Normally I bring a list of questions to these kinds of things, but I didn’t have […]

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The Columbia Class of 2023 Group Chat Is Fucking Weird

In the spirit of tradition, a Bwogger by the name of [redacted] goes undercover in Columbia’s class of 2023 group chat to see what the youths are up to.

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The Rat King Of Lerner Hall

When you go into Lerner Hall, you normally go up the stairs, turn around, and walk into Ferris. If that’s not your path, you might turn left and take the elevator to the fifth floor for a meeting, rehearsal, or performance. Wherever you go, it’s probably a reservable, numbered room, with walls, chairs, and the […]

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Nobody Asked Tats: (Furniture) Off Da Street Edition

You’re poor. Furniture’s expensive. But considering your complex manifold identity of both student and “New Yorker,” how important exactly are the two R’s: RA’s and RATS? Tats explores the hardhitting questions so you don’t have to. Dear Tats, I recently procured some lovely, perfectly innocuous furniture off the street — probably some nice couple donating […]

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Nuclear Mutation, or Effective Picketing?

Rodent Aficionados Michael Menna and Lauren Beck investigate the presence of the conspicuous rodent that occasionally greets you outside the gates of 116th on your way to class. Last week, Bwog spotted rats on Broadway. While not the only rodents seen in Morningside, the rats at Columbia’s gate may have been the largest. Twelve feet […]

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From the Issue: The Rail Riders’ Throne

Keep your eyes open for the September issue of The Blue & White, coming soon to campus. Until then, Bwog will honor our heritage/amorous affair with our mother magazine by posting highlights of the upcoming issue online. Among the treats to look forward to: a litany of bizarre and outdated freshman hazing rituals, a conversation with a luminary on DIY […]

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This is Your Brain on Drugs

But it’s also real life. The giant rat at the 116th gates is tended by a man distributing these flyers about Columbia’s offensive labor standards. He didn’t seem too impassioned. He asked Bwog where he could get cigarettes and a sandwich and was duly pointed towards HamDel.  

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Bwoglines: They’re Taking Over Edition

Imposters are taking over! It seems that we’re not the only ones with fake—or real—teacher twitters. See, @LEE_BOLLINGER? You’re not #AllAlone. (NYT) The rats are taking over! The TV screen, that is. Animal Planet is planning a reality show about New York City’s rats. We recommend that they start their search for tiny, whiskered stars on […]

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You’ve Seen the Way That Blood-Thirsty Beast Is Always Lurking

And now Scabbers is gone!

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Urban New York Cancelled for Fall

Urban New York, that lovely SDA program which gives you a chance at free tickets, has been canceled for the fall semester. It will restart Friday, February 18th. Bwog is waiting on comment from the director of the program. Full email sent to all Barnard students as part of Barnard CAO below. Urban New York […]

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Quick Spec — Next time don’t hang out on a powerline edition

Hillary Clinton Has a Blog Adviser. Squirrel Sets Fire to Dartmouth… …and in unrelated rodent news…Don’t Go Barefoot Anywhere Anymore Eminent Domain Still on the Table. Suburbia Still Not for Judy Zuhusky. Meanwhile, is there an opinion section today? And God said, let there be opinion: “Who the fuck takes cabs?”

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