With great power comes…great attention.  Even from the most unlikely of sources:

 Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, has written of his support for the Minuteman protesters on his website.  The organization’s inspiring press release can be read here.  More interesting, however, is an article submitted by a reader of RCP’s site, entitled Some Thoughts on Freedom of Speech, Academic Freedom, Fascist Suppression…and the Minutemen At Columbia.

The reader explains: “…And in actual fact, these thugs [The Minutemen] were NOT suppressed at Columbia. They came on campus and found themselves confronted by people who went on stage to hold banners to oppose them. This was not the state suppressing the Minutemen; these were masses challenging them.”

Hello, masses. It is nice to be referred as members of the majority for just one time, no?


P.S. A search of the RCP archives for “Columbia” yields some either pretty cool or crazy stuff, depending on who you ask.