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More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on a public computer.

This result of political justice is capitalism. Everyone benefits in the end. The US government shares the same view as the kallipolis when it comes to capitalism, since humans tend to “watch their back”.


Many may take this as a purely negative aspect, shrapnel from the grenade of conquest and empire, but for any reader to be able to wrap their minds around this concept (native-via-Spanish), said reader will find many gems and jewels amongst the mountains of political, religious, and European understanding.


ANTWONE:  Remember when I was little how I used to feel you up?  You’d laugh, I think you were about 37.  Now how old are you?


EX-RETARD STELLA:  We retards aren’t good at membering.



During the conquest of New Spain there were a series of writings, including letters and other first hand accounts, written to the Spanish royalty for a variety of purposes.


But puff as he might, sadness prevailed, and he could smoke the good green no more.


I have a hard time coming up with something negative about the movie, so please excuse me if this review is too subjective and positive. 


James, disease-ridden for years, knew this smell like freshly baked cookies or Violet’s acclaimed marinara sauce: anything transient. 

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  • i got says:

    @i got your point!

  • but what says:

    @but what happened to RETARDED STELLA? Oh, I know! She attends Columbia and pretends to write sophisticated papers that mean nothing.

    1. Ummm says:

      @Ummm Writes pseudo-sophisticated papers that mean nothing? Thats like 75% of all Columbia students….

      1. i'm glad says:

        @i'm glad you got my point.

  • ok... says:

    @ok... OK, that stuff is so old. are there still kids out there that write like that? thats kinda sad

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