havelLast night the University officially marked the beginning of all-around mensch Václav Havel’s residence at Columbia with a swanky party at the Stone Rose Lounge in Columbus Circle. Among the trustees, donors, and administrators circulated two Bwog correspondents, who had cadged passes at a CU Arts pizza party. In a decidedly unsober phone call, they regaled the Bwog mothership with tales of the hors d’oeuvres (spicy cocktails! Kobe beef on a stick!) and attractive waitresses.

From what our staffers remembered from Havel’s short remarks, he made a few verbal mistakes that were politely overlooked by partiers. “We don’t want just to speak truth to power, but we want the power to speak to truth,” [one of the drunk correspondents edits: this remark was Prezbo’s, not Havel’s] he said, noting later that he was really happy that he was getting to meet so many important people that night.

Bwog is happy to have met lots of important people too.


Photo credit: Elena Lagoutova (PrezBo and Havel at center)