If you were always overwhelmed by the corniness of your professors’ jokes, now you can be sure that the people at Cambridge University Press share your sentiments. Bwog has discovered a trend in the history deparment’s publications: lame alliteration. Check out these titles (extra points if you can name the prof): 

Two Men and Music

Enduring Elites

Bandits and Bureaucrats

Kings and Colonists

The Park and the People

The Culture of Consent

Colonialism and Culture

Captors and Captives

Restraining Rage

Silent Cities


Even more (that’s right!) after the jump.

A Woman’s Wage

Race, Reform, and Rebellion

Origins of the Other

City of Suspects

Testaments of

Deadly Dust

Conscience and Convenience

The Pursuit of Perfection

Psalms for the Tsar

Beginnings of Brazilian Science

Haggadah and History

Everyman in Europe

Meanings for Manhood

Marianne in the Market

The Caste Question