Watch out, the nerds are gettin’ it on! And writing about it! Here comes 
Outlet, Columbia’s “new erotic review.” In light of New York magazine’s blog post about the new online sex rag, Bwog staff member Sara Vogel picked the brain of editor-in-chief Kimi Traube, CC ’08, about fonts and porn.

How do you respond to New York magazine’s blog observation that Outlet is composed of “vaguely intellectual undergraduate musings” and doesn’t show enough skin? Why does Columbia need a magazine that talks about sex, but doesn’t show it?

I’d hardly say we “don’t show sex.”  The primary purpose of the magazine is to provide a forum for open discussion of sex and sexuality to the students of Columbia’s campus, but we are quite delighted to display student submissions of erotica. We are just starting to get noticed, however, and as such we’re just starting to get said graphic submissions.  If you want to see more or different erotica in Outlet, submit some! Have your friends

submit some. Photographs, drawings, whatever, we’re interested.

Why’d you choose Courier as your font? You have to agree that New York‘s blog is right about it being “decidedly unsexy.”

I like Courier, personally. We were kind of in a crunch to put the layout together, so I just happened to pick it. This is only our first issue, and we’re planning to revamp our layout to something sexier and less obvious as time goes on, so that may change. Although I have to admit, I’ve never really thought about the sexiness factor of fonts.What would be the “sexy” font?

Porn shots after the jump…

Did you try to solicit students to pose for porn shots?

Outlet is soliciting both articles and graphic submissions from the students of Columbia. Very much so. As I said, we’re only just starting, so a lot of students may not have heard of us yet, but we have been soliciting submissions and we heartily continue to do so.

What should we expect in the next issue?

In terms of form, the next issue is probably going to be shorter (this one was essentially two issues combined into one), ideally with a cool new layout design; we’re working on that. In terms of content, we’re going to have, among other [articles], a review of Pirates, the most high-budget porno ever made, an article about one of our staff’s firsthand experience being part of Playboy TV, reviews of some of the more interesting and unusual Internet porn sites available to us kids, and a ridiculously academic deconstruction of Deep Throat.

Also, on a side note: Everyone seems to be confused by the cover link. It’s one giant link. It’s not separated into sections. Clicking on the part of the cover that says “porn” will get you the same thing that clicking on the armpit hair part of the cover will: the next page.