Seems like everyone and their mother is issuing statements these days about the Minuteman Protest: distancing, endorsing, calling for blood…and sometimes saying not much at all. While frolicking in the Student Government Office, Bwog ran across one such statement, passed this evening by the Student Affairs Caucus of the University Senate:

paperResolution on Free Speech at Columbia University

WHEREAS, Columbia University and its community has the responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that we all have the ability to express our intellectual freedom within our institution, and

WHEREAS, the Student Body of Columbia University has a right to invite speakers with varied points of view to campus, and it is unaccepatble within our community, to take away someone else’s right to express their opinions and viewpoints, and

WHEREAS, the Student Affairs Caucus represents the entire student body of Columbia University,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Student Affairs Caucus stands behind the principles of free speech on campus, and demands that the Columbia University Community stand firm in our commitment to allow all views to be heard.

Seem toothless? Not as bad as the Dems, who aren’t planning on issuing a statement at all. Chicano Caucus is already on their second, reprinted after the jump.

Statement from the Chicano Caucus, October 8th, 2006 

Chicano Caucus is proud to have organized the protest outside the Roone Arledge Auditorium. Although as an organization, we were not responsible for the protest on stage, we recognize the right of free speech on all sides. We condemn the violence committed against protesters by the Minutemen and their supporters. We have received numerous messages filled with racist and violent threats due to the misrepresentation in the national media of the Chicano Caucus’ involvement. This racist backlash exemplifies the nature of the organization that was brought to our campus, and only validates our initial decision to protest the anti-immigrant Minuteman Project. We will continue to proudly defend our communities. We thank everyone for their support.