army collegeIn keeping with the previous post about contradictory groups occupying space on Low Plaza, Bwog has recently been alerted to even more wacky goings-on near the steps.

A cotillion of men (and a few women) in motley uniforms and conversing in broken English, lined up on the steps to take a group picture, leaving as quickly as them came. Who were they?  A “photojournalist” in tow wearing a black uniform was more than happy to explain: Columbians are in the company of the current class of the Interamerican Defense College, a US government institution run under the auspices of the Organization of American States. The class, made up of representatives from Latin American militaries who come to the US to learn about administrating armies the American Way, has representatives from seventeen countries—although Venezuela has recently opted out. Illustrious graduate: Michele Bachelet, president of Chile.

Also, tipster David Iscoe writes in:

There are some crazy vegans from EarthCo (The Earth Company! Specializing in selling earth!) giving out free Vegan food on the steps of Low Library in efforts to convince us that vegan food is free and thus veganism, while not so delicious, is economical.

Plus the Columbia School and a Hillel Booth. Could we get more pluralistic?