Yes, we know that October 4th was almost two weeks ago and most of you are sick of it, but there’s still a bit of news trickling in that we thought we’d share. 

posterItem # 1: We reported earlier that several protesters had been sent letters enumerating the charges against them, and they met with administrators today regarding their punishment. Bwog is not at liberty to report any more details at this time. The Columbia Protesters Defense Committee, however, has been busy, posting flyers all over campus this afternoon to generate support. They might need it: Professor Rodolfo de la Garza, in a forum tonight on immigration, blasted the protesters for trying to get themselves off the hook. “There’s a sense in which if you participate in a demonstration, good for you. But don’t say, Columbia, you can’t punish me,” he said, pointing emphatically. “We’re too old to give freebies. We pay our way.”

Item # 2: Today literary theorist Stanley Fish, in his New York Times blog, called Gilchrist’s speech a “piece of entertainment,” calling out “Chris Kulawick” for intentionally provoking a response (well Chris, at least this won’t show up on Google). Apparently it’s persuaded some people. In the days following the protest, Claudio Lomnitz, head of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, circulated a letter within the department in support of the protesters, but said in the same forum that he has reconsidered since reading Professor Fish’s blog.

Item # 3: Footage of Karina Garcia v. Jim Gilchrist on Democracy Now has been YouTubed. Okay, that’s not really news, but two items does not a Daily Minute make!