Bwog doesn’t have the cash to “pimp your room,” and we certainly don’t want to raid it and then date you. So we bring you the semi-weekly Thursday feature, the “Cribs-esque” Room Hopping, continuing with…


Kyle (right) and Jesse C’09 say they are glad to be out of the “beehive” that was John Jay.

“My room was like a shit-hole last year,” says Kyle. “I decided to clean up my act this year.”

Clean their Nussbaum double is. And perhaps one of the most tranquil, artistic, and creative spaces on campus.

“We have no flatscreen TV to show you,” Jesse says, “but we have paintbrushes.”

bottle art
fuckartArt on every wall (much of it graffiti) reflects their politics as “thinking human beings as opposed to not thinking,” Jesse says.

They’ve even painted their refrigerator.


fridgeThe fridge (right) isn’t done yet — school and their weekend trips to the Jersey Shore have gotten in the way of their artistic ambitions.

Fortunately for their friends, they have had time to host “a few little chill-outs with the wine and the hookah going.”

They also cook. Kyle lives ten miles from the border, so their pasta dishes and shrimp tacos are always infused with that “Southern California flavor.” (Speaking of living ten miles from the border, Kyle says he’s well-acquainted with the Minutemen, who have pepper-sprayed his friends in the face.)

kyleanddad But back to the art!

This photo installation (right) features little Kyle and his dad, “just dickin’ around during the summer in San Diego.” Note the shirts on their heads.

So cute!

polkadots They also spray-paint stenciled one wall of their room with polka-dots, created a coffee table for their hookah and aloe plant out of a board and some drawers they found in the trash.

They delight in the lanterns that give their room its warm glow, and the fact that their fluorescent overhead, “hasn’t been on in weeks.”

Jesse and Kyle wish to give a shout-out to David Feith.

Have a tricked-out dorm, or wish to volunteer a friend/foe’s room? E-mail, and we’ll send a correspondent to scrutinize your living space for next week’s edition of room hopping!