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After Prof. Janaki Bakhle opened her morning class surprised that anyone bothered to show up with “Denzel and Russell Crowe [pictured at right on another set for the same movie] filming at 116th and Riverside,” where she was excited that she “saw limos,” Bwog could not resist checking out the scene west of campus, where yet another crew was turning our neighborhood into a stage set, this time for the remake of American Gangster. Vintage 70s cars, buses, and police cruisers vied with extras in period dress all along Claremont and Riverside, but, despite the curious absence of security (or perhaps because of it), the two celebs were nowhere to be seen.

What brought the film here? IMDB summarizes the film’s provocative plot: “A drug lord smuggles heroin into Harlem during the 1970s by hiding the stash inside the coffins of American soldiers returning from Vietnam.” We can’t wait.

Meanwhile, a tipster reports seeing “Alec Baldwin was at the Literature and Citizenship event with Orhan Pamuk,” which was “part of the Havel series. Baldwin and his female companion were ushered out a back exit after the event ended.” Does anyone have further info? Confirmations of these celebs’ whereabouts?


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  1. sdkjfh  

    i saw baldwin at le monde last night. maybe around 11? i don't know i was drunk. but it was him.

  2. if this  

    turns into a celebrity gossip blog, I will stop reading. "Does anyone have further info? Confirmations of these celebs' whereabouts?" Have you taken a moment to look at how ridiculous that sounds? Who the fuck cares?

  3. well

    oh no, mister if this--if you stop reading, the bwog and the columbia community will be poorer for ever!

    without the benefit of your criticism, all of columbia will come loose from its moorings and drift off down the river of suck! the bwog will have no idea what to write!

    Don't you dare stop reading, even if you don't like the content. YOU ARE A PRECIOUS LITTLE SNOWFLAKE.

  4. reader  

    I love how people get pissed off when bwog does a post they don't like and they say "I hope this doesn't mean bwog is turning into a celebrity gossip/bored at butler/dirty pants/intellectual/hipster/bunny rabbit blog because then I'll stop reading", especially when the post is something that the bwog has been doing since the beginning. Overheards, celeb sightings, digitalia, and lecture hopping have been part of the bwog since it began last winter. The bwog isn't changing, the readership is. and a lot of the newbies suck. Stop being pretentious.

  5. true  

    i've been reading bwog from the very beginning, yet i still think, when reading celebrity sighting posts... who the fuck cares?

  6. vox rationis  

    people were actually asking bwog to post about this in the last thread...

  7. kwisin

    I met Pamuk as he exited the lecture hall. Both Daryl Hannah and Alec Baldwin appeared to be part of his entourage. Certainly an odd mixture of intellect and celebrity.

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