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Nothing like the election holiday to get us talking about Jesus.

In McBain, Josh shares this tip:

Two security guards are talking at the swipe-in desk when I walk in.

Guard 1: Yeah, that’s true.

Guard 2: (In a very matter-of-fact tone). You can’t trust a man with a knife in one hand, a smile in the other, while he’s trying to French-kiss you. Isn’t that true?

Me: I don’t know. People usually try to avoid French-kissing me.

He went on to explain that he was alluding to Judas’ betraying of Christ. I said I understood, but was pretty sure most Christian theologians agree that Judas didn’t go for any tongue.

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  1. right

    because the security guards are too uneducated to make an analogy or use figurative language. dumb non ivy league jerkholes

  2. kudos  

    well done on the pic, bwog.

  3. what happened

    to the rap quote? too many offended hipsters?

  4. bwog suxxxxx

    there was no such thing as france in 28 AD you idiots.

    if bwog keeps posting these ahistorical comments, i'm going to stop posting. don't you ever read what you said. what are you a moron?

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