1. excite me...  

    i'm not sure in what sheltered suburb "jessica cohen" grew up, but "fresh poultry, live killed" as a tag line is in fact quite commonplace.
    also, how does it take an "eagle eye" to catch this 4 ft. "interesting sign" glaring out on bway?

  2. the sign  

    "freshly killed turkey" may seem crude to some. that is not to say that the sign is at fault. this post might suggest how we deny the origins of what we consume.

  3. CML  

    this is amazing, evocative of "Fresh Kills" landfill.

  4. Anonymous  

    So fucking harsh

    It seems like anything Bwog does nowadays is torn to shreds.

    Well I liked it, even if it did remind me a bit of that Pollan essay we read in University Fucking Writing.

  5. rjt  

    I noticed this the other day, and thought about taking a picture of it because I thought it was funny. I vote it worthy of posting.

  6. Shira  

    I mean, wouldn't you rather have it be freshly killed than, say, taken out of deep storage for the occasion? I think I know which one I would choose.

  7. not worthy  

    bwog has been posting boring ass shit like this too much this year

  8. I prefer  


  9. well,

    lives by the snark, gets ripped to shreds by the snark.

  10. pffft

    I got a chuckle out of it. Not all the posts have to appeal to everyone.

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