Passing the Havel

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chickenLooks like last Friday’s CC Coursewide Lecture by the esteemed President Havel has had a real effect on class discussions.  An anonymous tipster sends in this conversation, about Havel’s belief in the legislation of morality, from a recent class meeting.

Student 1: I think that when private acts affect the community, that’s when the government should address them.

Instructor: Are there certain private acts that don’t spill out into the public?

Student 1: Like what?

Instructor: You know…  Like if I dress up like a chicken and have my wife whip me. (Class laughs) 

Instructor: It’s a serious question!  Because, in many places, it’s legislated against. Like in Ireland.

Student 2: The chicken, specifically?

Bwog is certain that Vaclav would be proud. 

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  1. hahahaha  

    Chickens are sooooooooo random.

  2. No one realized  

    that the prof likes to get his cock whipped?

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