Godless? At least we’re not sexless.

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coulterJust when you thought the dialogue around Columbia’s sexual atmosphere couldn’t get any worse…Ann Coulter got involved. Today on FOX News, Bwog’s favorite channel, she opined (click for video!) on the Daily News “report” “exposing” our “creepy” carnal persuits. Money quotes: 

“I really think you should get a picture of some of these [S&M] clubs and a picture of the young College Republicans and the Christians, because someone who has to join a club at college to have sex? Probably not your lookers.” Conservatives don’t care about kids having premarital sex–just WEIRD premarital sex!

“This has been well documented. Christians have more sex, better sex, more sexual satisfaction…you want a sex club, become an evangelical.” Then assume the missionary position.

And responsible for all of this? “Most of all the culture of children raised in households without two married parents. Ask the girls in that club how many grew up sleeping in the same house as their fathers.”

And that’s the word. 

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  1. um,  

    ann coulter is a man. just look at her.

  2. don't forget  

    the quote about the imam asking how long the whip should be. because sexual domination = misoginy = islam, obviously. they only teach that kind of syllogistic logic at coulter's alma mater, apparently (she went to cornell). like sex, she clearly thinks it's "better than some of the stuff taught at columbia". biotch.

    btw, love fox's priorities. this is a "big issue"?

  3. because  

    evangelicals love fornication.

    kill yourself ann coulter.

  4. whaa...?  

    She sounds like a bitchy teenager who still hasn't gotten laid. And yeah, it is creepy for a reporter to crash these club meetings, especially since they are intentionally secretive and private to protect the identity of members. This should just be ignored, don't let this ignorant jackass exploit non-issues to promote her stupid book and pat herself on the back for her narrow minded heteronormative claptrap.

  5. oh please  

    ann coulter represents the hard-right evangelical. saying that she represents christianity is like saying nostradamus represents judaism.

  6. oh em gee  

    I fucking love Ann Coulter. Someone needs to give her a weekly television show - it would be the funniest thing on tv. Seriously, that article was cracked, that video was cracked...insanity, absolute entertaining insanity. You can't really hate Ann Coulter because she's such a cartoon. It's like when a little kid gets mad, and screws up his or her face and puts up his or her tiny fists, trying to look mean and scary...adorable and hilarious.
    This is seriously the best Columbia media coverage ever.

  7. here's the thing  

    It's fucking college. All colleges have some sort of crazy sex stuff. It's just surprising that some of these people aren't aware of it. Coulter even seemed like she was suprised that this was being presented as news.

  8. would you hit it?  

    Actually, the combination of her talking very casually and with a sort of understanding of young people with crazy nutjob views kinds of turns me on, enough that I would do her.

  9. Hmmm  

    haha #8: I've put my penis in the devil and it was good!!!

  10. what's up with  

    Fox's obsession with Columbia...?

  11. CU > girls gone wild  

    This is way cool. Our reputation used to be that of a student body that never gets laid. Now were a friggin wild sex powerhouse!

  12. I absolutely  

    agree with her: Evangelical Christians DO have the best, most satisfying sex. Why? Because no one knows how you like to finish up better than your sister. Or your mother, for that matter:

    • umm  

      Okay, WTF does this have to do with anything, and evangelical Christianity for that matter? Because it happened in the conservative South? Anyway, you're just as much of a moron as Ann Coulter.

  13. Ann coulter  

    misspoke. She meant that we should ask the girls, how many of them slept in the same *beds* as their fathers, in the true evangelical fashion.

    • DHI  

      Man, I was gonna make that same joke, but I decided not to. What I did not decide not to do was take pain relievers for this grease burn that seem to be distracting me from my goal of writing a paper. But now I sort of wish I had made the opposite of both decisions.

  14. I wouldn't

    hate fuck her with your dick. With those sunken skeletor eyes CV should invite her to a meeting so she can talk about necrophilia

  15. Hmmm  

    I love how they chose the centre of all debauchery on campus for their photo shoot: Avery Hall. Those damn angsty architecture grad students with their clove cigarettes and ragins boners.

  16. a loser (apparently)  

    What's funny is that the pasty guy just let Ann Coulter lead him around on a leash and tell him hat to say. He also would not stop sucking her cock. That is creepy!

  17. ...

    is coulter drunk in this interview?

  18. umm  

    I wonder how her relationship with Bobby Guccione Jr., son of Bobby Guccione the founder and former publisher of Penthouse magazine, is related to all this...

  19. wirc  

    Anyone remember Senatorial candidate Jack Ryan? No? He's better known now for being the man who divorced actress Jeri Ryan, when he tried to take her to bondage clubs. He was handsome, though.
    Oh well.

  20. ugh  

    I am so frustrated that Columbia cannot get coverage from a legitimate television outlet. Fox News needs to stop their obsession.

  21. haha  

    wow. the varsity show is going to write itself this year with all the material that's been rolling in.

  22. Keppa  

    CU is always in the New York Times or referenced, but it's not as hilarious and entertaining as this. Coulter is a whacko for sure.

  23. I love how...  

    sex at college is a "Big Issue." Fuckwits.

  24. surprised  

    they didnt mention the porn on ctv

  25. Someone should  

    totally spam Coulter's email accounts with gay porn. What a psychotic bitch.

  26. i think  

    it wasnt really coulters fault, but fox's for takeing the entire story from the one article.

  27. newsworthy

    that smug, self-satisfied laughter will haunt my dreams.

    CC students get that kind of intellectual laziness knocked out of them in Lit Hum &c.

    i hope this makes The Daily Show!

  28. Juan  

    Quick someone cause an actually newsworthy scandal. This is pathetic.

  29. I blame  

    Miriam Datskovsky.

  30. watcher  

    WTF was up with that B-Roll? A congo line and some guy jumping up and down half-taking off his shirt? If that's what Fox thinks sex is, it's no wonder that they're scared and afraid of what Columbia students are doing.

    • yeah  

      and there was no indication that weird stripper dude wasn't doing that here either. they just transitioned seamlessly from avery to wild debauchery. because that's the connection I always make.

  31. oh man  

    I love the side clip of a foam party that OBVIOUSLY ISN'T Columbia. There are lighted palm trees in the background: so very NYC.

  32. haha  

    Guys, it's ok. She went to Cornell. We win the game of life.

    I like how they make it seem like EVERYONE is in these clubs. No, FOX, most of us have a ridiculous amount of work to do.

    Could somebody actually take a poll of how many members of that club have married parents? It'd be funny to prove her wrong.

  33. she needs attention

    she's giving Cornell, and sex by the waterfall a bad name

  34. If Coulter thinks  

    evangelical sex is the greatest, she's never fucked a Jew. L'Chaim!

  35. nyt4life  

    my favorite part was when the quoted the daily news as a legitimate news source.

    haha, fox.

  36. hmm  

    he said this "story" was confirmed by fox's own sources at columbia. who do you think that could be?

  37. Anonymous

    can the CV members go after her for slander? they did trespass on private property and video tape people without consent... that and they talked about people's moms. that's low. i'd actually like to see her do a poll of the people in CV, you'd think a sexually repressive conservative religious upbringing would actually make you let loose more in college.

    • CV goer

      Stephen - there was no videotape made of us. We would have noticed that and put an end to it right then and there. The "undercover" reporter (who claimed he was a professor) was from the Daily News.

      • Anonymous

        my bad. I thought the foam party thing was some sneaky video job. for some reason i thought the guy flashing his shirt upside down was the bunny rabbit guy that shows up at the FED stuff, but pretty obviously it wasn't. i'm seeing things.

        how'd this even get expanded to a liberal vs. evangelical commentary. sometimes she says liberals are not representative of the majority of america, sometimes she says liberals are everywhere. Porn is an $8 billion industry, I think almost everyone watches porn.

    • Anonymous  

      I hope CV does go after them in whatever way they can. Even if this undercover reporter didn't technically violate any rules, he or she obviously did something unethical by attending a confidential discussion group and then dishing about it. This reminds me of the time an undercover reporter for the student publication the Dartmouth Review attended GLBT club meetings just to publish transcripts of the meetings, supposedly in the interest of informing the student body what the "sodomites" (author's term) were doing with university funding.

      I also don't understand why Coulter thinks Christians/conservatives and people who are into BDSM are mutually exclusive groups. I really don't think sexual interest discriminates on the basis of politics or religion...

  38. rjt  

    "X-rated romps" is the greatest term ever.

  39. Trannyboywonder

    As another CV goer (and former vice-president), that video was inaccurate. The girl who got flogged (not whipped) was not a student. She also came from a home with two loving parents. So did I. And also, most of us in CV are really, really hot.

  40. Curious  

    Where are these naked parties?

  41. Loyal CV-goer  

    I also think it's funny that most of the people in these clubs don't even overlap. Half of us at CV had no idea that there were naked parties on campus, while my straight, non-kinky friends were all in the know. Guess it's just not the crazy kinky liberal queers that are having all the fun.

    • Loyal CV-goer  

      And, after having watched that ridiculous clip, I think it's hilarious that they think that people go to the club in ORDER to participate in BDSM. For all the stuff that Douglas Feiden made up in that article, he might as well have not even sat in on one of the meetings. We would have been happy not to see his awkward ass there.

  42. me2

    creepy reporter. ridiculous report.

  43. Jealous Alum

    Fox's Columbia sounds so much more exciting than the one that I attended.

  44. Heather

    i don't get how she is an expert on university sex life. how would she know? she waited till she was married, because god kills promiscuous people. remember?

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