Groups hold summit–guess who doesn’t come?

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Last night, the Dems and CPU hosted a dinner with leaders of campus political groups in the James Room of Barnard Hall to “foster intergroup cooperation.” Bwog’s request to attend was politely denied, but organizers graciously provided the list of those in attendance: besides the Dems and CPU, representatives from the College Libertarians, LionPAC, Students United For America, Earthco, Working Families Party, Amnesty, Pro-Israel Progressives, Students for Choice, and CQA all showed up for free food provided by the Kraft fund. The College Republicans and C4 declined to participate. (OK, to be fair, so did SEEJ, the ISO, Catholics for Life and the ACLU–none of which are major political parties).

Update, 6:22 PM: According to a person in attendance at the event, the College Republicans refused to come because the ISO had been invited, and both the ISO and SEEJ couldn’t come because of scheduling conflicts. Also, a clarification: the ISO is an ABC group, not an SGB group.

Item! They may or may not have discussed their governing board’s move from Earl Hall to SDA Student Affairs, which has provoked fears that Dean Colombo and Robert Taylor might not be able to keep their hands out of planned event content (or at least more so than student favorite Chaplain Davis, who has held student dinners in her own apartment). People in the know say the administration hasn’t told them why SGB has to move, but to one anonymous CCSC source, the reason is clear: there need to be more layers of bureaucracy to insulate PrezBo from shitstorms like the Minuteman fiasco. While the Chaplain reports directly to Provost Brinkley, under Student Affairs, there are more administrators between students and top brass than Bwog wants to even think about. No more gravy for you, SGB!

Item! We said yesterday that the Dems don’t pull off political stunts like the Republicans. They may prove us wrong on Thursday, when the Activist Council plans to hold a “Global Warming Bash,” in which kids in Bush masks will thwack an earth-shaped pinata. In an earlier e-mail, members were encouraged to “dress like Republicans” for the event. Bwog wonders what that means, exactly: Uncle Moneybags? Scrooge McDuck? Stay tuned…

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  1. Man on Horseback

    Who's "Uncle Moneybags"? Any relation to "Rich Uncle Pennybags"?

  2. Anonymous  


  3. item!  

    the item thing is really annoying usually, but here it seems to work. I'd keep it to a minimum though.

  4. GS Student

    I will dress like Chris Kulawik who has developed a unique new look fans call "Sleezy Dork."

  5. yo, so...  

    whacking a pinata wearing a bush mask fosters open dialogue. SWEET, get me a baseball bat and I can foster lots of open dialogue. ...NAHTTT! great success.

  6. wow  

    So the Republicans are supposed to come to a dinner fostering an open dialogue that is sponsored by a group who is staging an event that has the thinly veiled purpose of mocking them? I don't blame them for not coming.

  7. Holy Crap  

    Are you serious Bwog? I really hope that was poorly executed sarcasm; do you really think that the Dems on college walk whacking pinatas in Bush masks constitutes a serious reply to anything the Republicans do? I am no Republican, but if thats all the college Dems can muster it's pathetic.

  8. The Dink  

    Actually, it's not just whacking a pinata while wearing a Bush mask. in order to hit the pinata you have to send a letter to Bloomberg to improve the environmental impact of New York City.

  9. hmmm  

    Ever seen the episode of South Park where everything Butters tries to do has been done by the Simpsons?

    Yeah, the Republicans did the Global Warming thing first.

    • did they?

      all I remember is a 7-person beach "party" on the steps that accomplished, well...nothing. Just because they've tried (poorly, I might add) to take on this issue doesn't mean they get the last word.

    • Shocking, that  

      the Democrats and Republicans would do events on similar issues. Its not like they are known for disagreeing with each others positions on these issues or anything...

  10. get over her!  

    Is Chaplain Davis really a "student favorite"? I know plenty of people who find her self-righteous and nosy...

  11. Sprinkles  

    Uh, that's really mature, College Republicans..."We won't come because the ISO was invited!" If you really believe in your convictions, you will defend them in front of your opponents.

    I think I last heard dialogue at that level sometime around my 9th birthday.

  12. Listen up  

    Disagreeing on issues (and even mocking the other party's stances in a fun, education manner) does not mean closing dialogue. The Activist Council is attempting to point out the disgrace that the current administration has not taken global warming seriously, and in fact is willing to profit from the destruction of our environment. The event is supposed to get peoples' attention and to raise awareness for an issue that is relevant to every single person on this campus.

  13. umm  

    that's why they're semi-autonomous.

  14. The Dink  

    Furthermore, Earthco is actually spelled EarthCo. The "c" is capitalized and there's a period at the end, as in an abbreviation of EarthCoalition, (not EarthCompany or EarthCorporation, as some presume EarthCo. to mean)

  15. someone  

    My SGB club was not invited.

    I am going to boycott from now on.


  16. kazzy


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