Old overheard, perennially appropriate

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We witnessed the following exchange in Blue Java about a week ago:

Frantic guy at counter: What tea has caffeine in it? I just need something with caffeine.

Blue Java employee: Yes, these teas…? (Motions to selection)

Guy: Yes, that tea, I’ll have that one.

Girl in line: They should really just set up a caffeine IV drip on campus.

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  1. How  

    original. I've been making that remark since about two years ago.
    On a more practical note, IV drips can be painful. I would recommend merely dusting the campus with caffeine several times a day. It's like fertilizer for our young growing minds.

  2. Powder yeahhh  

    form works, too. But don't they sell Red Bull in the blue javas? Only butler?

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