More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on a public computer.

We were able to get some take out Thai food, drag a couch left on a corner into an abandoned intersection and gaze at the wonder of New York‘s night time sky line. Oh, it’s beautiful. The Chrysler Building and Empire State Building are familiar statues, monuments even, (nearly) immortal peaks, while many other modern buildings reached up with varying statures, and the older buildings, all decorated with lights, splashed the sky with orange and green. It was a celebration for me; it seemed as if the city was celebrating with me.


Sometimes, however, torture is not the only way to prevent an attack. 


“oooo mareseatoatsanddoeseat- oatsandlittlelambseativy, akid’lleativytoowouldn’tyou.” 

“What’s up, G-Dog?” That’s what she calls me whenever she is overexcited.

In the TV series “The West Wing” when the plot to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge was uncovered; the president ordered the assassination of the terrorist leader Abdul Shareef, who was the defense minister of Qumar, an oil-rich, terrorist-sponsoring Middle Eastern state. www.dictionary.comdefines assassination by referring to the verb assassinate, which is defined as “To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons.” In other words, assassination is not murder for personal gain or vengeance; it rather supports the goal of a government, organization, group or cause. Now the question is: is it ever acceptable for a government to assassinate a leader from another government?


Also, contrasting with the audiences of the previous plays, a lot of African Americans came to see the show.


I predict that prison’s do little or nothing to promote health.