On Flirting (With Or Without Disaster)

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A few notable links that have come in over the past couple of days:

1) Andrew Delbanco’s essay in The New Republic, War College.  The chair of American Studies department, Delbanco reflects on his teaching of LitHum and the difficulties of understanding war within the university.

2)  An update on the final exam incident at the J-school.  At least one student has sent  Gawker some scuttlebutt on today’s section of Freedman’s course, which was  mandatory and supposed to weed out the cheaters.

3) Advice from the Dude Decoder on Alloy, an online magazine targeted at 12-16 year old tweens.  A CC sophomore interns for the company, and the dudes here are a bunch of her ’09 friends – Bwog’s favorites are Steve S. (Do you mind if a girl is better than sports?), Max P. (Are girls who dress for class hot or not?) and Jordan K. (What’s the last time you cried?)

4) More from Gawker – they’ve read our Wednesday personals and have nothing nice to say about our Greek friends.  Too bad.

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  1. i think  

    gawker was being unnecessarily rude.

  2. X.J.  

    In the last paragraph of Delbanco's essay, he mentions that he was unable to find a memorial to Columbia graduates who have died in wars. Such a memorial does in fact exist-- it's a plaque on the corner of the lawn next to the Van Amringe Quad.

  3. Anonymous

    FYI, Am. Studies isn't a department, it's a program, of which Prof. Delbanco is the Director.

  4. Wrong  

    We have a memorial to B-School people killed on 9/11. It exists just north of Low Library on the northeast part of that little lawn that surrounds it.

    Also, Columbia has lots of war memorials.

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