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    very sad about La Rosita.

    • nope  

      that place wasn't exactly the greatest; I never enjoyed a single bite I ever took there. it was half-empty all the time for a reason. anyway, the neighborhood changed around it conspicuously, so this was inevitable. it was sort of like a last holdout. hopefully its replacement will be something interesting, but not, well, TOO interesting, like the out of place american apparel store nearby

  2. umm...redundancy?  

    Despite being driven out, Fernandez sees the closing of La Rosita as a good opportunity for his father, who is 75 years old, to retire.

    "But it's also a good chance for my dad to finally be able to retire," said Fernandez.

  3. Sprinkles  

    They'll probably put another shop full of overpriced, flimsy, solid-color t-shirts there instead. :(

  4. Anonymous

    NOOOO. LA ROSITA!! That was one of the few places around Columbia you could get some decent Ox tail.

  5. I like to eat  

    La Rosita was delicious.

  6. Deirdre Towers

    [email protected] Rosita
    December 27, 8pm
    Comedy, Flamenco, Music by La Rosita Patrons


    Wish to participate, contact Nan Melville
    [email protected]

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