1. Eash Cumarasamy  

    SEAS 2008 Class Council...bringing you more great programming.

  2. adoring fan  

    have my babies todd!!

  3. firedancing fan  

    That was *awesome*.

    I'm sure someone took a better quality video though.

  4. What is this

    Burning man shit? So retarded. Why doesn't he take that shit back to the fucking trailer park where it belongs and go gobble mushrooms and bop bongos with all the other backwoods hippy scumbags?

    This is precisely the shit I moved to New York to avoid. Get it the hell out of our University!

  5. Ggee  

    Fire dancing comes from trailer parks? And hippies too? Wow. Someone needs to swallow a fucking Valium and calm the fuck down.

    Also, he's not on fire or burning.

  6. hello?!  

    also... have you ever been in the subway?!... it's filled with bongo boppers and hippy scrumblings... if that's what you came to New York for, then ur just the idiot that fell for Times Square thinking NYC was all glitz and glamour...

  7. furthermore  

    burning man is not at all about fire dancing, its an arts festival that includes a big bonfire. AND, todd did his awesome firedancing at the hawaii clubs shindig, so, its also a cultural thing. you gonna mock hawaiian culture #6? get a life.

    • Burning man

      Is about wallowing in filth and infantile displays, kind of like fire dancing. Re-fucking-tarded.

      I endure Time Square only by town car

      • Alex Weinberg  

        It's times like this I wish I had the ability to punch people in the face over the Internet.

        Todd Spitz, on the other hand, is such a fucking champion amongst men that he could crush your hollow ribcage with just a concentrated beam of pure anger.

        Be thankful that he hasn't.

    • DHI  

      In general, Hawaiian culture is pretty cool. However, the practice of offering people drinks and then punching them can be annoying sometimes.

  8. fact check  

    technically, fire dancing is samoan...

    and the part with the fire on the end of two chords comes from the maori poi.

    also, i'm in favor of todd removing clothing even when there is no issue of flammability.

  9. Alex Weinberg  

    Jules: You remember Antwan Rockamora? Half-black, half-Samoan, usta call him Tony Rocky Horror.

    Vince: Yeah maybe. Fat right?

    Jules: I wouldn't go so far as to call the brother fat. He's got a weight problem. What's the nigger gonna do, he's Samoan.

    • Unfortunately,  

      due to being young and stupid during high school, I watched a lot of WWF (yes, that's what it was called at the time) wrestling, so hearing "Samoan" just makes me think of The Rock

  10. yay  

    glad to know that i'm not the only one who thinks of Antwan Rockamora when i hear the word "samoan"

  11. writer of #17  

    On another note, Bwog, I have cooler pictures of this that were taken from further away but look better...or at least they do on my camera's 2.5" LCD screen.

    Or maybe these pictures just look bad because of the JPEG compression...

  12. Rachel Ray

    Rachel Ray is Samoan, isn't she? Yuck-o. I still don't understand what is so cool about waving around a baton dipped in alcohol. You can snuff that shit out on your tummy and it won't even hurt.

    Clearly it impresses the rubes, however.

    I mean you shell out 120K to send your kid to learn the core and she's drolling over some goofus with a flaming dog-turd on the end of stick... dire, fucking dire shit, man

  13. get a life  

    Don't hate Todd because you can't get any pussy. Todd has a talent and shared it with Columbia; when you can do something as impressive as fire dancing then come back and we'll talk.

    I can't believe there are douche bags in this university who would knock someone just because they can't appreciate something that person does. *I* came to Columbia to avoid pretentiousness. What a jackass.

  14. question  

    how does one get into fire dancing in the first place?

  15. Twenty

    How does one go to an Ivy League school to avoid pretentiousness?

  16. Sad

    I think it's sad that you people are so uncomfortable with the idea of someone disagreeing with you.

    -That you're so brainwashed you think I'm being racist because I say that you something you know in your heart of hearts belongs in a monster truck rally rather than on the grounds of Columbia University.

    -You will go through life forcing yourself to stomach other people's stupidities while you die a little each time you fellate yet another ostensibly cultural activity.

    • DHI  

      With your idea of what "belongs on the grounds of Columbia University," do you not understand what a college is in modern day America?

    • sll  

      I wouldn't say that I feel uncomfortable with disagreement. I more feel like I'm back in 8th grade and It's five minutes before school lets out. The teacher hasn't assigned any work for the week. Just as I'm imagining what I'm going to do with my work free reading. The hand of the kid next to me shoots up. "Teacher, teacher" he says,"what is the homework due monday."

      I don't think the feeling is uncomfortable. I think it's disbelief. Not everything at Columbia has to be Plato, the Solow growth model and eigen vectors. Somethings can just be cool. I mean it's fire and he's spinning it around in lots of nifty patterns. If you can't enjoy that then you've become a crotchety old man at twenty.

  17. -To the point

    Where you will actually defend SPAM, to the point of censoring an observation about how SPAM is what gives Hawaiian hula dancer their jiggle?

    Somewhere a Hawaiian is poking a sterno-soaked stick into a can of SPAM and snorting the fumes. You call that culture?

  18. Alex  

    Nice trollbait. Try better next time.

  19. Seems like

    Looks you felt for it, dweeb.

    PS, speaking of SPAM, old flamer looks like he's getting a bit of a SPAM-jiggle himself... snacking on too much Asian yellow-tail tuna perhaps?

  20. get a life  

    1) #23 you're right...pretentiousness is a part of the Ivy League, but Columbia is far less pretentious than Harvard or Princeton. Yeah there are popped collars everywhere, but at least most people here come with no sense of entitlement and no desire to shun everything that is foreign to them. Most people.

    2) I suppose the folks over at admissions can't screen out all of the jackasses that apply here. There is something fundamentally wrong with this guy's brain so why bother trying to show him that he's wrong? These types of problem people have a way of sorting themselves out...he'll get a job one day, say or do something douche-y, get fired, and never get hired again. He'll eventually run out of money, run back to his parents, mooch off of them for a while until they kick him out and he is forced to work at a McDonald's for the rest of his pathetic life.

    But hey, #6, #11, #19, #25, #27, even though you'll probably start as a burger flipper making minimum wage, maybe if you work hard enough you can work your way up to manager!

  21. DHI  

    This guy reminds me of Jeffrey Lebowski, the "millionaire."

    Probably about as happy, too.

  22. trnsfrd from Princtn

    More pretentious to live NYC, trust me... plus uber liberal hypocrite snob shit from Columbia takes the cake...

    Why should I get a job? The dividend on my trust fund is more than you'll ever dream of making.

    In-n-Out rulz... sometimes I get that shit flown out from Cali

  23. i'm  

    actually amazed as to why everyone is so amazed by fire dancing. it's not that incredible. but the crowd was amazing. i guess columbia was never in the boy scouts.

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