Cooking with Bwog: Holy Crap I’m Out of Food! And I have to learn SN2 reactions and the Krebs cycle and Spinoza and…

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This week on Cooking with Bwog we bring you a special two-week grocery list and meal plan. Use it well. If you have ideas to add variety, please add them to the comment thread.

The Menu


Oatmeal with raisins, brown sugar, milk, fresh fruit

Cereal with milk and bananas

Toast with peanut butter and a glass of milk


Salads: lettuce, broccoli, carrots, celery, raisins, nuts, other veggies, articoke hearts

Dressing (if you don’t have it)

Pasta: get two textures so you don’t get bored, red sauce, and parmesan cheese.

Sandwiches: wheat bread, deli meats, lettuce, tomato, cheese, tuna, portobello mushrooms, and roasted bell peppers. Try doing a grilled cheese sandwich: butter the outsides of the bread and put the cheese on the inside. Cook in a skillet with a lid on it on medium heat.

Omelets: see here for ideas 

The rest of the menu and a comprehensive grocery list after the jump….



Polenta and Broccoli

(microwave 1/4 cup of corn meal with 1 cup water for 2 minutes). Serve with shredded cheese and pasta sauce.

Side of broccoli: cut up and sautee with crushed garlic and butter

Rice, Beans and Veggies

Rice: make it in a large batch at the beginning of the week and refrigerate. To reheat, add a bit of water and microwave for a minute or until warm.

Beans: buy in cans. Goya brand is cheapest. Try black beans, lentils, or garbanzo beans.

Veggies: canned/frozen or just sautee some fresh ones with butter until soft. Or eat a salad.


Granola bars, oatmeal, salads, carrot sticks with peanut butter, fruit, a can of soup

Grocery List


Oatmeal – buy the large canister, it will last a long time

raisins (use for salads too)

brown sugar

cereal – one box per week if you alternate with oatmeal, otherwise buy three boxes

peanut butter

milk – buy what will fit in your fridge. It should last two weeks, but be careful!

fruit – apples will last the longest. Grapes, plums, peaches will go bad if you don’t eat them in a week. Bananas will last only a few days. Do a fruit and veggie run next weekend if you can. 


Lettuce – two heads per week. Store them in dry plastic bags so they stay fresh.

Broccoli – one stalk should last if you eat the whole thing (including the stem)

Carrots – cheaper if you buy the big ones, cuter if you buy the little ones


Dressing – get something you like a lot since it will last a while


Other veggies and toppings if you want them (canned corn is yummy!)


2 types of pasta – linguine and shells

2 pre-made pasta sauces – vodka, garlic, and garden veggies are the best (use on polenta too)

parmesan cheese – Morton Williams sells it pre-shredded.


wheat bread or bagels – 1 loaf per week (use for breakfast toast too)

deli meats – they’ll get slimy after a week, so if you need meat, you’ll have to buy more.

tomato – buy two, one per week. Pick a riper one and a less ripe one. Store the tomatoes in plastic bags in the fridge to keep fresh

cheese (use for polenta, too)

tuna – one can makes two sandwiches.

portobello mushroom (2) or some roasted bell peppers (they come in jars)


One dozen eggs should work for the whole two weeks

Pick toppings from stuff you’re buying for salads and pasta 


Corn meal – one bag or box



Rice – one bag

Beans – 3 cans

Veggies – canned or frozen. Or use your salad fixings


Granola bars


Cans of soup (3 or 4)


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  1. lazy chef  

    If you get sick of red sauce on pasta, any of the cream of soups from campbells work well as sauces. They can go on either rice or pasta for a satisfying meal... Try cream of broccoli and cheese with chopped broccoli added, or cream of mushroom with mushrooms or artichoke hearts. plus, most of those soups come in reduced sodium or 98% fat free varities if you're watching your weight. (egg noodles are also a cheap and easy noodle to use with those sauces, and a bag of noodles generally lasts longer than a box of pasta)

  2. dumb  

    you guys are all dumb. this is the lamest thing i've ever seen.

  3. ...  

    cooking with bwog sucks

    • urban dictionary  

      Courage Dot Com: When someone tries to be badass over the internet, like on a forum, or blog because they aren't actually face to face with anyone.

      Can we flag some comments as courage dot com?

      • DHI  

        I don't think "cooking with bwog sucks" is badass.

        Here are some examples of versions of that statement that would at least approach being badass:

        "You better start looking up some goose recipes, cooking with bwog, because one way or another your goose will be cooked"

        "I've brought a fork to stick in you, cooking with bwog, because you're just about done"

        "Yes, cooking with bwog deserves to die, and I hope it burns in hell!"

  4. cooking  

    with bwog rocks my friggen world.

  5. yin yang  

    Rice and beans

    peanut butter and jelly

    carrots and hummus

    bagels and cream cheese

    chips and dip

    crackers and cheese

    apples and honey

    bread and circus

    bwog and spec

    me and procrastination

    oh my god.

  6. Strange  

    Sounds like the way one eats during the rest of the semester (sorta healthy but complicated.) Not sure what this has to do with cutting DOWN on time, unless people are totally incompetent about going to the store.

    Bring on the NOT cooking (carrots and hummus type foods + LOTS OF STUDY BREAKS)

  7. Anna Corke  

    Hi, I write Cooking With Bwog. Those of you who think it sucks, could you tell me how to make it better? This feature isn't supposed to be snarky or interesting, just helpful, so if it isn't helpful I'd like to know why. And please don't ask me to be more elaborate or in-depth because I have a job and six hard classes so I don't really have that much time for bwog posts, and if you hate it, maybe I shouldn't do it anymore.

    I used to be one of the Daily Editors for the bwog but I quit because of all of the negative energy and apparent pointlessness of the work I was doing to help keep it rolling. I continue writing this post because I think it's fun and I get to learn while writing it, but it does take time. So let me know if I shouldn't waste my time anymore, or what I can do to make the post better.

    I don't think the shitty commenters realize that the people who write most of these Bwog posts are nice people who work really hard (I'm talking 5-6 hours a day editing posts) and get shot down constantly by people with nothing better to do but write mean things on a website. Whatever happened to being constructive?

    And if you think you could do it better than us, give it a try. Email Lydia Depillis and tell her you want in. Go to a Blue and White meeting. Pitch ideas. This is a community blog, so the more the merrier.

    • reader  

      i just find a lot of the cooking with bwog posts to be obvious and boring. it's a little patronizing to instruct people how to boil pasta or to buy salad dressing you like (duh!). even people who aren't good cooks know how to do most of these things. i liked the making meals out of stolen john jay food idea though!

  8. i love

    you anna corke, and i appreciate your time and effort. i really do.

    cooking with bwog is the shiiiiz

  9. daily bwog editor  

    anna, it's about time that was said. thank you.
    and you (along with your posts) are awesome.

  10. cooking inept  

    cooking with bwog is never obvious and boring. i for one do not know how to boil pasta. you're being patronizing by assuming everyone grew up cooking in their household.

  11. perhaps  

    bwog could distinguish between different levels of cooking with bwog - cooking for n00bs, cooking for experts, etc - in such a way that in one installation, #12 could learn how to boil water (chem class?) while #11 could learn something more complicated.

    Would mixing it up make it more rewarding to write / read?

  12. actually  

    I found the grocery list very useful!

  13. JJay  

    When are Bwog or B&W meetings?

    I love these posts, people are just being dicks because it's anonymous posting and they can.

  14. purple  

    No, Anna, these posts are great. Speaking as someone who usually has to resort to ordering fastfood or getting junk food at weird hours, it's hard to nail down a list of the basics and get used to using it know, cook for yourself. So these lists give a bit of perspective. The only constructive thing I'd have to offer is to throw in one or two more specific or quirky fusions to the list, something tasty and quick to make like that (was it Bwog that suggested this?) pizza bagel thing. That was a suggestion I still use.

  15. actually  

    this post was boring. none of the ideas were especially interesting or time-saving. carrots? if people want recipe ideas, there are already dozens of good websites and blogs.
    bwog should be about columbia/nyc news, not random crap that people can find elsewhere.

  16. shira  

    soy milk has kept longer than regular milk in my experience, if you aren't put off by its being soy milk.

    anna, right on.

  17. well  

    if its not supposed to be interesting...then why are you posting it in the first place?

  18. to be  

    helpful, as she said.

    i'm not really sure i find it that useful, but at least read what she wrote.

  19. ROBOT3000  


  20. seriously  

    who the fuck wrote this? how to make it better? how about not specifying what type of BREAD i should buy?

    • geeze  

      Moron. Part of the point of this list is to suggest a healthy way to eat during finals week so you don't go home looking like a beached whale. If you didn't know, wheat bread is better for you than white, hence Anna's suggestion. This list is just a guideline anyway -- no one said you had to follow it to exactness.

      This post may be simple and "boring," but it's something that many people need regardless. I am personally putting it to use.

  21. nicerperson  

    anna, you're cool. don't be disheartened by the assholes that go to this school

  22. hey  

    To make it better it might be interesting, and make it make more sense in a campus gossip blog, if you looked at what other people were actually making.

  23. vodka  

    anna, cooking with bwog is great.

    i like the suggestion about specifying the "cooking level" of each post. one would be amazed with how many people don't know cooking basics (yes, like boiling pasta) but are too embarassed to ask.

  24. Avi Zenilman  

    I'm with #31. Stoves are terrifying.

  25. DHI  

    Seeing as I comment way too much on Bwog, and I have very strong food opinions, I will start a short feature on here called cooking with DHI, it will be posted on each one of these posts with a simple hint. It is not made to diminish cooking with Bwog, but to provide a different perspective.

    Making food taste better:

    You can make many foods that are not very good taste better by adding Tabasco to them. There are better hot sauces for some purposes but Tabasco is a good basic versatile one.

    Also just drink a shake of Tabasco from time to time it's pretty good really.

  26. No...  

    No, everybody wishes to work for the Harvard Crimson. Two reasons: Harvard is superior, and I dislike the writing of Miriam Datskovsky.

  27. exie  

    cooking with bwog is helpful and generally contains nice little cooking tips I didn't know about. as for those who have trouble when they have to "read something they don't like" I'm quite concerned for them as scrolling down is a really easy task. c'mon people.

  28. Katie Simon  

    People on bwog are sad- noone would ever post the things they do if they had to sign their name to it. I am not necessarily an exception to this, I'm just saying, people are hateful when they are anonymous ([email protected] anyone?), but almost everyone I know loves bwog and loves that there are people who go to the effort to do this service to the community. If you don't like a certain post or story, or bwog on the whole, just don't read it. I don't find every article fascinating, so I skip the ones I don't want to read. Sadly, I know this point of view has been stated before (#44) and my reiterating it will make no difference, but I feel that as a devotee of bwog, I should stick up for it.

    That having been said, if you are good at cooking, yeah, bwog probably can't offer you much, but some of us, myself included, are always looking for quick, easy ideas of something to make and how to make it. Anna, if you stop, I just might starve.

  29. Anonymous

    Hey guys,

    Thought I'd help out with a couple thoughts about the suggestions made by cooking with Bwog.

    putting tomatos in the fridge will actually make them taste worse. If a tomato's internal temperature drops below 50 degrees a flavor compound called (Z)-3-dexenal is shut off, and then your tomato gets gross and tasteless.

    Pre-shredded Parmesan cheese is neither cost-effective or nor nutritional. To keep it from getting stale or clumping, companies will add chemicals to the cheese, gross. Also, they'll charge you two dollars more to do something that takes less than 10 seconds when you buy a hunk of ungrated parm.

    Lastly, canned veggies are not nearly as healthy as frozen or fresh. The canning process practically cooks them in the can to kill bacteria, and thus lowers the nutritional content. If you need to buy easily prepared veggies -buy frozen-it's generally picked at the height of the season, and the freezing process does less damage to the nutritional content of the veggies. But even then I'd recommend that you just buy fresh-you can inspect the produce for quality, and know exactly what you're getting and paying for.

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