Officer Dad!

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Bwogger Katie Reedy overheard the phone conversation of a dorm security guard…

lawdad“I know. I know, I was like ‘oh damn’ too… Yea, and so I asked her, I said, ‘Girl, how do you know it’s mine.’ And she said, ‘I didn’t ever do it with anyone else.’ And I was like, ‘What?! Girl, I need to know this is for real – I need to know that this is not just some Maury shit.’ I said, ‘I am not a statistic!!'”

Just make sure that at Thanksgiving dinner 20 years from now, you don’t let him know he was an accident. Bwog knows that hurts.

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  1. omfg  

    this is the greatest overheard ever posted on bwog.

  2. where  

    does bwog get these amazing pictures? law officer dad is amazing.

  3. i'll bet...  

    it was C. Maxwell

  4. Sprinkles  

    Although, to be fair, if I were a security guard, I wouldn't be nice to me, either.

  5. roti roll  

    I don't know how kati overheard that shit...i mean, he essential barks....and not even in english. He barks creole i believe.

  6. in the know  

    it was definitely not c. maxwell.

  7. blah  

    im going to assume it was in mcbain and so it def wasn't maxwell

  8. well,

    c maxwell doesn't strike me as a promiscous, illegitimate child-fathering type. he's a little old to be doing such things.

  9. Bombay Frankie  

    *waits for an ISO person to tell us how we are terrible people for speaking ill of security guards*

  10. Hmmm  

    Actually, I have to tell you...after living in Wallach for two years Maxwell warmed up and became one of the nice ones, along with Miranda if you were friendly to them. Kindness goes a long way.

  11. shira  

    miranda is super nice. today he introduced himself to me as bill.

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