QuickJester — First Time in Awhile Edition

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jesterThis just in– the December issue of The Jester contains actual funny moments. They have only posted a pdf, so all links below go to the same place. 

For 24 fans, something hilarious (page 2)

If the Supreme Court were more like the Sizzler (page 6)

Vaclav Havel as Judge Judy (page 23)

Bad Boys Bad Boys…whatcha gonna do (page 24)

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  1. cover  

    a somewhat dated reference to janet reno?

  2. Holy shitq  

    the 24 thing is awesome and i dont even watch that show

  3. point master  

    10 points for the references to Olympic skier Picabo Street

  4. rjt  

    Great, as always. I thought the Sizzler bit was particularly inspired. However, here's hoping that the writer of the 24 article doesn't read Something Awful, which runs a regular feature with the exact same absurdist IMDB parody style:

  5. kenya  

    Nice and nicely done.

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