Is that an alcohol-dispensing Rube Goldberg machine??

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terrenceOh those chemists! Oh those grad students who aspire to be chemists!

Stephanie Quan writes in with an account of the chem department’s winter show, a Varsity Show-type extravaganza featuring off-key musical tributes to favorite professors sung by second-year grad students with department secretaries on keyboard.

But in the esteemed words of R. Kelly, “after the party show, it’s the after party.” Stephanie says the fun really started with five hours of chemically induced revelry in the lounge. The ethanol flowed from twelve standard kegs and a massive punch dispenser, photographed here next to Stephanie’s friend Terrence.

Just remember guys, “don’t drink and derive.”

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  1. watch out  

    terrence, too much of that shit and you could lose your phi beta kappa-worthy gpa...

  2. WHAT  

    they were drinking ethanol?!?!?!

  3. DHI  

    The R. Kelly quote is a common misconception. He actually says "After the show it's the after party, and after the party it's the hotel lobby"

  4. Megan!  

    Is that your brother?!

  5. asdf  

    actually it's jay-z who says the line.

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