Orgo Night ’06 (II!)

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Ah, Orgo Night, that which pisses off many a disgruntled grad student and brings a little cheer to many a CC or LitHum studier. This year, an avidly procrastinating Bwog strives to chronicle the fun as it happens. Bear with us as we try to get (most-likely superfluous) pictures and funny overheards up as soon as possible for you people who missed out. Photos courtesy of correspondent Maryam Parhizkar

11:44 –
Security are stationed around the Butler entrance, and one of the wrought iron gates is closed. Overheard: “Hah, maybe FoxNews will do a story on this to show how much Columbia kids don’t study.”

11:59 – CUMB has arrived! Calling themselves the “Columbia pussies.” Bwog can’t help but notice- there’s a violinist?

12:02 – Minutemen bit! “CTV threw a raging kegger with the royalties they received from their video clip… and at least one student got a kick out of the event.”

12:06 – A little awkward dancing here and there.

12:07 – Zvi Galil bit! Nominate him for president of Iraq. “He would remedy the Shiite hegemony by offering a drawing for three iPods.” Somehow segues into Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.” Saxophonist pulls it out for that Eastern flair.

– Vladimir Putin bit? Revelers are puzzled. And Putin bit turns into… E.Coli bit! And… “Fly Like an Eagle”! We’re still puzzled.

12:14 – Gay Jews bit! “I knew my boy was a fagela since he was the best-dressed boy at his bar mitzvah.” Mary Cheney, John Kerry, Mark Foley, and Karl Rove get implicated. “Sweet Child O’Mine” in honor of Cheney’s “immaculate lesbian conception.”

12:20 – Crazy sex at Columbia bit! “Surfaces and Knots teaches us about rope bondage… Organic Chemistry is a masochistic class.” Anal sex on CTV! Miriam D. bit! “[Anal] Way You Want It.”

– Core bit! The other schools are pissed at the College’s elitism, so Quigley answers, “You don’t have to read Solon to understand we have a categorical imperative… [insert other CC references].” Barnard/HomeEc joke. Somehow… “Shaft.”

12:28 – The Grand Litany of Orgo Sex Jokes.

12:29 – And they’re off to cavort around the grounds.

Overheard: “Eh, some stuff was funny.”



  1. yo!  

    it's 12:03. why isn't this shiznit starting?

  2. missing it, but....  

    how is shosh doing?

  3. hmm  

    given there was an orgo night in may, this can't be orgo night '06, technically

  4. flutist  

    They sound pretty bad. Where the hell are the woodwinds?

    • mlt  

      This was probably the best orgo night I've seen- the band sounded great, some tempo issues aside, and the two readers thing worked really well- a lot like Weekend Update (the good ones, that it).

      Also, the unintentionally funniest part of the night was watching Travis turn beet red during the "porn on sexiled" bit...

  5. flutist 2  

    Ha they sounded amazing, compared to previous performances, I think. Maybe it's because a marching band is about brass and percussion… not woodwinds.

  6. cumb fagela

    That'd be a "fagela" - sounds like my mom =)

  7. !!!  

    Putting an exclamation mark after every sentence does not constitute clever satire!

  8. DHI  

    Whether or not it ever was it's original purpose, I think orgo night has strayed from its stated purpose by being an event confined to one room that people come and watch. It would be a lot more fun if they really did march through all the rooms of Butler doing their thing.

  9. rp  

    does bollinger come out with cookies or something? is he at all upset by the commotion? does he sleep at a hotel this night every semester? inquiring minds need to know!

    • yep  

      he goes to all kinds of trouble to avoid noise outside his window, because he never hears anything rancorous, living in new york and all

      • yeah

        cause there's always a brass band outside my window...

        actually there kind of is and it's usually either the columbia bus or the food delivery truck at lerner. one of these things is pretty dispensible/doesn't deliver oreo brownies...

  10. stupid  

    The orgo exam is on Monday

  11. Why  

    The marching band scripts aren't really that funny.

  12. Recent Alum

    I think plenty of young alumni read this blog because they feel connected with campus. Also, there's a great listing of events, and tons of young alumni still live in NYC and can come back to campus for a concert or a play and stuff like that. Very handy, Bwog.

  13. grrrr  

    "Bwog can't help but notice- there's a violinist?"

    How hard is it to put a dash instead of a hyphen? =(

  14. butler  

    it was built in the mid-30s I think

  15. former CUMBer  

    There is a SHOCKING lack of journalism here. Bwog needs to talk to some folks from CUMB to get the full story on Orgo Night. Way too much cluelessness going around.

  16. CUMB-ie  

    er.....what exactly do you want to know?

  17. Sprinkles  

    The security guards were lame. Dozens of people left room 209 at the beginning, yet they wouldn't let anybody go in. Laaaaaame.

  18. Security Guards

    We are so NOT lame.

  19. The Marching Band  

    Blows a significant amount of hole. And by hole, I mean cornhole.

    Yeah, the butthole. You know what I'm talking about.

  20. Security Guards??  

    Next thing you know, Bollinger will post... if he has not already...

  21. Bollinger  

    Next year I will have cookies and hot cocoa for the band to celebrate their freedom of speech.


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