Ah, Orgo Night, that which pisses off many a disgruntled grad student and brings a little cheer to many a CC or LitHum studier. This year, an avidly procrastinating Bwog strives to chronicle the fun as it happens. Bear with us as we try to get (most-likely superfluous) pictures and funny overheards up as soon as possible for you people who missed out. Photos courtesy of correspondent Maryam Parhizkar

11:44 –
Security are stationed around the Butler entrance, and one of the wrought iron gates is closed. Overheard: “Hah, maybe FoxNews will do a story on this to show how much Columbia kids don’t study.”

11:59 – CUMB has arrived! Calling themselves the “Columbia pussies.” Bwog can’t help but notice- there’s a violinist?

12:02 – Minutemen bit! “CTV threw a raging kegger with the royalties they received from their video clip… and at least one student got a kick out of the event.”

12:06 – A little awkward dancing here and there.

12:07 – Zvi Galil bit! Nominate him for president of Iraq. “He would remedy the Shiite hegemony by offering a drawing for three iPods.” Somehow segues into Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.” Saxophonist pulls it out for that Eastern flair.

– Vladimir Putin bit? Revelers are puzzled. And Putin bit turns into… E.Coli bit! And… “Fly Like an Eagle”! We’re still puzzled.

12:14 – Gay Jews bit! “I knew my boy was a fagela since he was the best-dressed boy at his bar mitzvah.” Mary Cheney, John Kerry, Mark Foley, and Karl Rove get implicated. “Sweet Child O’Mine” in honor of Cheney’s “immaculate lesbian conception.”

12:20 – Crazy sex at Columbia bit! “Surfaces and Knots teaches us about rope bondage… Organic Chemistry is a masochistic class.” Anal sex on CTV! Miriam D. bit! “[Anal] Way You Want It.”

– Core bit! The other schools are pissed at the College’s elitism, so Quigley answers, “You don’t have to read Solon to understand we have a categorical imperative… [insert other CC references].” Barnard/HomeEc joke. Somehow… “Shaft.”

12:28 – The Grand Litany of Orgo Sex Jokes.

12:29 – And they’re off to cavort around the grounds.

Overheard: “Eh, some stuff was funny.”