Escape from New York, À la SEAS

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While most of us are still trapped in the vortex of thrice-extended overdue papers, Butler pathogen infestations, and chronic Red Bull overconsumption, many eager SEAS engineerlings have written to remind the Columbia community that it’s not too early to plan our post-exam exodi to the airport, train station, or, for those who made a truly daring college choice, some other corner of New York City. With that in mind, we’re asked not to forget, one of the most useful things to have crawled out of Mudd since, uh, all those patent-worthy inventions that fund our education in lieu of donations from our notoriously stingy alumni. While it probably won’t come in as handy as during last year’s delightfully-timed subway strike, we’re sure the ‘rents/siblings/creepy uncles in your life will appreciate that little something extra you may be able to bring them for the holidays with the cab fare you’re able to save.

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  1. the dude  

    WHat a great fucking flick. I love the Escape from... movies

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