This just in from Bwog correspondent Addison Anderson:

bubble sheet“There are two male high school kids standing on College Walk, one of whom wants a Columbia student to take the SAT II for him.  He asked me if I was a Columbia undergraduate, and when I said yes, he said “Okay…so the SAT II is tomorrow…and I haven’t studied.  I’m ready to lay out a thousand bucks for someone to take it for me.”  Meanwhile his friend looked around like this was a drug deal.  I was shocked, intrigued, then ultimately wary of the possibility these ‘kids’ were undercover Daily News reporters, so I passed on the offer and mumbled something about a very important naked party I needed to get to.  Anyway, I saw them still out there later.  The kid ready to lay out the grand is short, stocky and sullen, and his friend is tall, skinny and sullen.”

Bwog would not be averse to a cut of the profit if a successful match is made.