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  • Hm... says:

    @Hm... these quotes are pretty funny, but they lose some of their luster when taken out of context

  • Wow says:

    @Wow Columbia’s humor writing has improved across the board.

    1. I don't know says:

      @I don't know Seems like the better writers are on BWOG and the Spec, this Fed (only one I’ve read) was almost unreadable

      1. Nah says:

        @Nah CPR probably has the best quality of writing because they come out infrequently enough to do a thorough job with editing. This Fed was good but probably the weakest of the semester – understandable because of the time of the year. The Christmas Carol article was one of the best Columbia humor articles I’ve seen in a while, though.

      2. I don't know says:

        @I don't know I think the most pretentious writers on campus are on BWOG and Spec. At least the Fed writers aren’t that (unless it’s intentional)

  • yow says:

    @yow best fed in a long time

  • if you says:

    @if you think Columbia’s going to trust student groups with that money wholly you’re nuts. why do you think they sent the ideological groups over to SDA in the first place? they’d prefer bureaucracy and fiscal irresponsibility over ease of use and responsibility if the alternative is efficiency but the possibility of student groups representing cu causing bad press for cu.

  • No! says:

    @No! No, No, a THOUSAND times no.

    ABC can kiss my sweet ass. Why is it that when I want to spend something I need it approved by ABC, SDA, Columbia Financial Services on 5th Ave, my mom, my future father-in-law, and that guy who sets up a table with a sign that says hes a NYtimes published poet?

    Why is it that I don’t have to get 3 different approvals to spend SGA money?

    Dear Columbia, get a fucking clue. Fund student groups through an internal student union so student groups actually have access to their funds via a real bookkeeper and a system that doesnt take 2 months to make a purchase.

    1. insider says:

      @insider ABC has had problems with its student groups trying to embezzle money even under the current strictures. If you can imagine students having sole fiduciary oversight of well over $1 million, you can imagine a hell of a lot more problems. The regulations are annoying but they protect everyone.

      Also, the article was surprisingly balanced, but the emphasis on “loans” isn’t really accurate. ABC often expects groups to start raising more revenue in the future, and this is true for both Varsity Show and B&W, but emergency allocations, etc. aren’t actually promissory notes that must be repaid; they’re current year grants made on the expectation they won’t be necessary again in the future.

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