When a Minuteman speech was interrupted by a fire bell at Georgetown, it turned out to be a literal false alarm. Not so at Michigan State Law School recently, where Tom Tancredo, a Republican Congressman from Colorado who has become a sort of anti-illegal-immigration lightning rod, was forced to stop speaking when student activists twice sounded the alarm and would not stop shouting. According to Tancredo, several of the speech’s organizers were subsequently assaulted by protesters. In the ensuing melée, Tancredo wrote to the paper, “one was spit on, one was kicked, and one was punched…Tires were also slashed.” The protesters seem unwilling to comment.

The protests came in the wake of a controversy in which Tancredo was dismissed by Jeb Bush as a “nut” for referring to ethnically diverse Miami as a “Third World country.” Referring to the Coloradan’s plans to run for President in 2008, Joe Garcia, executive VP of the New Democrat Network, said that he was “a big fan of Tom Tancredo. I want to be the first guy to give him a check when he runs for president…Morons like him gave us (Democrats) the House and Senate, and it’s going to give us the White House, too.”

Bwog is a fan of Tom Tancredo as well; perhaps due to his polarity, and this ensuing incident, Bill O’Reilly will now have another target to assault on when he dwells on American university students’ fascistic liberal anarchy. Michigan State Law School = University of Havana, Northwest?