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Because a few interesting tidbits have been coming over the alias, and we’re tired of talking about grades too.

global warming– We may have forgotten about the Minuteman dust-up, but the members of New York Immigration Control and Enforcement (a few of whom were in Roone on the fateful night) couldn’t let it go. According to CNN, “several” protested outside Lerner on Thursday, demanding that the offending students be expelled. Bwog has learned that eight students have been sent disciplinary letters and decisions are pending, but we’ll go out on a limb to say that they’ll be able to finish out their time at Columbia.

Meanwhile, protester-in-chief Karina Garcia will be back at school this semester after having taken the rest of 2006 off to go on a speaking tour of high schools, colleges, and radio stations, including a keynote address at the Socialism Conference in LA hosted by the Party for Socialism and Liberation. The College Republicans haven’t got anything on their docket–could 2007 be the year of chill at Columbia?

– Not weatherwise, anyway. It was 68 degrees today in the city, and 2006 marked the first time that New York had a snowless November and December since 1877. But really, it’s all just hype

– Carrie Bradshaws of the world, take note! The Spectator is looking for editorial board members and columnists. Yes, including a sex columnist.

– Twenty-one blocks north, a much nicer subway story than those involving chainsaw-wielding goons.

– It seems that Macintosh is closed for asbestos removal. That explains some things.

– The Columbia crown has been turning up in some strange places recently. But considering Public Affairs still hasn’t decided whether the logo should be secular chic or trendily theist (in Bwog’s estimation, crosses and spades have aboout an equal presence on campus these days), Duke Nukem is the least of their worries.

Thanks to Julia Kite, Dan Gant, Jessica Cohen, Addison Anderson, and Miguel Lopez for the tips.


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  1. haha

    Julia Kite, Lopez, Lydia... how many more libs can bwog fit into a 'report?'

    68F on Jan 13, 1932
    70F on Jan 14, 1932
    67F on Jan 15, 1932

    Damn the Model T, damn it to hell!

    • harhar

      yes indeed, truly, global warming is a lie just because this particular weather pattern isn't necessarily caused by it and there's precedent for it being this hot, ignore the fact that all but two scientists who say global warming isn't caused by humans are on the payroll of energy companies...

      ...how many more "libs?" what makes global warming a "lib" concern? people who politicize that shit make me sick. Kyoto's not the best solution, no, and accusing "the right" of not doing anything about it is just as bad - centrist Republicans like Chuck Hagel are against climate control legislation while some "religious right" leaders like Pat Robertson believe it's a real problem.

      And speaking of which, if you judge what a person has to say only on the basis of them being "libs" or "right-wingers," you might want to consider taking your head out of your own ass and having a serious debate.

      • shut up  

        People who react to this dead issue are as fucktarded as those who instigate it. Did you really think you made the world a better place with that three paragraph semi-coherent rant?

    • Anonymous

      “It is clear today that greenhouse gas emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change, and that the use of fossil fuels is a major source of these emissions.”

    • allanbrinkley

      Julia Kite is NOT a liberal...NOT reeaalllly.

    • Mark

      This is Columbia. Democrat or Republican, most of us (well, our parents) have more money than most people will ever see.

      As for commenter number 2 - Julia Kite may be a liberal. As a Cuban-American, Miguel Lopez probably isn't.

      You're right. The Republicans HAVE done more than the Dems this past semester. Unless you count pro-Israel events

  2. Nice going Karina  

    After your gang stormed the stage, tons of alumni and random rich people reached out to the College Republicans. Supposely have a $25000 endowment now managed by a SEAS alum.

  3. i heard it

    was 11 billion

  4. yeah

    The College Republicans are, of course, a bunch of spoiled rich kids. They have more money than you will ever see.

  5. last i checked

    the college dems are the sons (and daughters) of congressmen and senators.

  6. wirc  

    Show's what you know. The Model T had been out of production for five years in 1932.

  7. CNN  

    didn't get the facts right and confused the Chicano Caucus, the ISO and the jackasses who went on stage.

  8. hmm

    I seriously doubt that the College Republicans will have no events this semester just because they haven't updated their website.

  9. OMG


    Whose dumb ass decided that `` is the same thing as " ??? Probably the most irritating typographical error I've seen, up there with hyphens instead of dashes.

  10. more

    info on asbestos removal please?

  11. Anonymous

    hey where'd the rest of my comment go?!

    anyways, the above comment (#15) is brought to you by the letters EXXON.
    true story. sucks for you.

  12. Hahah

    Fox News was just commenting on how it's been particularly warm recently, and instead of connecting it to global warming, their "angle" was that it extends the golf season.

  13. mat

    I feel like some people, who were involved in both the protests and the Chicano Caucus, deliberately tried to confuse the two entities? I'd blame them more than CNN.

  14. ZOMG!!!


  15. Lopez

    Hold on... I sent in the asbestos tip-- how did I get thrown into the liberal bin (despite being a moderate Republican)?

  16. hmmm  

    Julia Kite isn't liberal. She's just crazy.

  17. wtf

    is this for real? how was this posted and not removed?

  18. moph  

    Crown with crosses is official. The crown w/ spades is an official CUMC logo and was used occasionally downtown until the decree came down from above that all crowns must have crosses.

    Stupid trustees.

  19. Anonymous

    It would be great if the people making claims about my political stance signed their real names on their posts - after all, if you think you're telling the truth, then what do you have to hide?

    I'm happy to be a heart-on-my-sleeve liberal, and if you'd like to discuss any issue, then - as I said - sign your real name and I'd be glad to spread the liberal lovin'.

  20. so what's

    with the crown in duke nuke'em? i didn't get that.

  21. Rich parents?

    I wouldn't say most of us. It is pretty shocking how many kids at Columbia have minted parents, but I wouldn't say they're in the majority...there are plenty of people relying on grants and loans to be here. I definitely agree with what you're saying though, the size of your parents' wallet doesn't really determine your political opinions.

    • i, for one,

      am only here because of the generosity of five scholarships, two of which are renewable. the rest is being covered by loans that my parents expect me to pay off once i graduate. i'm paying for day-to-day expenses with what i've saved up from my summer job (i'm too busy to work during the school year). in short, my parents contribute nothing to my education.

      • yikes

        that sounded ungrateful. let me add that i appreciate everything that my parents have done for me thus far, but they are by no means rich.

      • Who's

        too busy to work during the school year? I take 23 credits and work every other waking hour. I mean, yeah, it sucks and I have no free time, but the previous generation theoretically had to put it*self* through college. We've got it comparatively easy.

  22. Rachel H

    Julia Kite is crazy sexy.

  23. spiderman  

    Does anyone know for a fact that people asked for Columbia's name to be used in Spiderman?

    I mean, I can see them asking and us saying no, but I can also imagine no one wanting pay Columbia a royalty and so not asking.

    • then

      why is harvard mentioned in every other movie on the planet? it would be nice for us to get in on the name dropping action. maybe one day columbia will be synonymous with academic excellence, and not a cocaine exporting country.

  24. Actually...

    they (asshole Columbia lawyers) did allow the name to be used in Spiderman I. Something about Columbia University scientists studying those genetically advanced spiders or somesuch. Even though I think they featured the campus more in the second movie, they didn't mention where Peter goes to school. Maybe they changed their minds? There was an article in the spectator about how stingy CU is about where and when it's name can be used.

  25. Fred

    I don't get what's the big deal about letting movies use the Columbia name. http://www.columbiaspectator.com/media/storage/paper865/news/2006/09/12/News/Whats.In.A.Name-2267307.shtml?norewrite200701091420&sourcedomain=www.columbiaspectator.com
    What could have possibly made Columbia look bad in spiderman II? "OH NOES. Student is also secretly a superhero!" They let Real Woman Have Curves use the name. Does it just come down to being too lazy to inspect the scripts first, cuz that's what it sounds like Abrams was saying from that article.

    • mmm2

      The 'derogatory to Columbia' part of Spiderman II was likely the fact that Doc Oc (alum of the school, along with his wife)turned out to be a murderous sociopathic villian bent on taking over the world. If you ask me, that's kinda cool for an alum. And, Peter was fighting him so it cancels out. Oh well.

  26. moph  

    ahh--from the article, it says that we deny permission to movies because we're too lazy to read scripts, but if someone requests permission to have a University affiliation, we'll grant it if there's nothing derogatory in it. So, basically, film folks just have to ask.

    It sounds like they asked for Spiderman I and not for Spiderman II. (Or there was something derogatory in SII..)

  27. We've Got It Easy?!

    Our parents' generation paid next to nothing for college when you compare it to tuitions today. Inflation accounts for only a small % of the increase in tuition. In fact, many state schools were ENTIRELY free to state residents, including Berkeley and UCLA. Private schools were bargains as well. If our parents worked one job part-time in college, it paid for a good chunk of their tuition, if not all of it. When we work part-time, we're lucky if it covers books and food.

    • Okay, true  

      Ya, this is true. Although lots of state schools are still close to free (I'm from MA, and ours are free if you have good test scores in high school). But we're still about as *busy* as they were, so not working is still a little odd.

      • come on

        you dont know anything about this guy's circumstances, so don't assume that he is just like you and should be able to work as well. how do you know he doesnt have a learning disability, in which case the assignment that takes you 2 hours to complete takes him twice the time?

  28. Bill

    I'd love to see the College Republicans go to a Chicano Caucus, ISO or some other commie event being held on campus and storm the stage the way the Garcia, Dols and their facist left wing cronies did in October.

    I'd like to see how funny they they'd think it was.

    Of course this most likely won't happen because the college republicans aren't made up of the ignorant, smug, hypocritical, self obsessed, deluded dilettantes that make up the left wing moonbat organizations on campus. The college Republicans actually act like mature adults and would rather advance thier arguments through rational, logical, reasoned debate and discussion rather than start screaming and throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get thier way like the October protestors did.

    The protestors and their ilk are far more harmful to race relations in this nation than the Minutmen could ever hope to be. Upon leaving Columbia these protestors will quickly be marginalized to the fringes of society where they can continue to feed each other's delusional rhetoric, while reassuring one another of their moral and intellectual superiority of all who disagree with them regardless of how much their left wing beliefs fly in the face of reality as they live out their completely ineffectual and meaningless lives.

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