Overheard: Wednesday Edition

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Two female first-years were overheard bringing new meaning to “innocent until proven guilty” near the John Jay elevators:

Girl 1: “My dad works with one of the Duke lacrosse players who got in trouble.”

Girl 2: “Really? Which one?”

Girl 1: “The really hot one.”

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  1. contrary

    to the claims of the admissions office, I doubt whether this is a 'smarter' class. damn.

    • actually  

      you don't say very much, I don't think the upper classes are smart at all.

      • Reason  

        No class in a school this big and with this many people is going to be "smarter" than an other class to such a degree that it will say anything about individual students.

        Even if one class is "smarter" than the other roughly half of either class is still "smarter" than roughly half of the other class.

        Shuts the fucks up about it eithers ways.

  2. hahaha  

    I want to know who these people were.

  3. ummm  

    why would that comment be any sort of evidence towards the intelligence of someone? because she thinks someone is hot? who cares?

  4. and once again  

    Columbia overanalyzes. Laugh, pass it up. Deal.

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