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For students, shopping period (though not christened as such) is a time for self-exploration, stress, and belly butterflies.  For professors, it’s a time to show off  remarkable wit and sometimes-sexy whimsicality.

Prof. David McKenna in Auteur Studies: Clint Eastwood:

“Don’t e-mail me.  I repeat, DON’T E-MAIL ME.  I have the Internet to follow San Antonio Spurs games and also I watch pornography.”

Maura Spiegel, Intro to American Studies:

“Keep it real, and stay black, man.”

Prof. Lydia Goehr in Philosophy of History:

“The future of the present is the futurity of the past.”

David Yerkes in Archaeologies of Language:

Introducing the first assignment: “I am a merciful God.”

“I LOVE catching plagiarists.  It really gets my adrenaline going.”

Richard Bulliet in Islamo-Christian Civilization:

“When I proposed this course to the committee on instruction, they said, well, you’re just making students read your own books, aren’t you? And I said, well, yeah…”

On the Great Books curriculum: “Cicero is not discussable after a potluck meal.”

And on the power of historians: “Historians rule the world, because they rule the past…The gullibility of the readers of history is almost unlimited.”


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  1. More  

    Prof. Vogt: "Topics of Moral Philosophy is more appropriately called Ethics of Special Relationships."

  2. Wow...

    I didn't remember either of those Yerkes quotes until now, probably due to the fact that I was too busy avoiding his gaze because he's SO F-ING SCARY and stuff...

    - An anonymous poster who considered dropping the Archeologies of Language seminar after the first meeting but is now planning on staying in it because, apparently, she is masochistic.

  3. asdf  

    remember when the blue and white was obsessed with richard bulliet? good times.

  4. jacques  

    some professors were no so suave. Bruce robbins after fierce questioning by a lifetime-learner: "Don't ask me what I'm talking about anymore. I must be talking about something. Just go with it."

  5. Robbins

    Prof. Robbins had to do it! What did she say first, something like: Common sense has no real meaning... she was out of control. So was the gunner in the front row, and that moron who kept talking about her interest in the public sphere

  6. McFister

    This Yerkes guy sounds awesome.

  7. Re: Comment #7

    Ah, but that's what he wants you to think...

  8. Jazz  

    Get a Bwog correspondent in Chris Washburne's class-- after the first class, I'm sure the quotes will be plentiful.

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