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  1. No joke

    about the "kill Barnard" column?

  2. Sex column

    He wasn't bad, although I couldn't tell whether he was gay or not. He suggested that he was with the grandma reference but didn't go so far as to admit it.

  3. I was really into...

    ...that column, but don't think it could quite be classified as a Sex column. Perhaps a Relationship column, and certainly not as trying-too-hard-to-be-scandalous as Miriam's often were.

    Still, it could be good to have a "Sex" columnist who actually is more into dissecting and analyzing than shocking...and also, I'm very proud of this column for saying in about two pages what it took me the first 21 years of my life (and I'm sure a lot of other people a lot longer than that) to figure out.

  4. Wait

    you missed a great piece on the SGB/Administration fight.

    My favorite line and what I consider the biggest piece of BS: "Simply put, Student Affairs has more personnel and more resources."

    That's a horseload of shit. In absolute terms, yes Student Affairs is bigger and more connected to other parts of the university. However in relative terms, SA is doing so much other stuff that its a wonder they have any time for students.

    Enjoy hating SDA.

  5. ?!?!  

    How did Spec fail to call out Neda and David for announcing the pass/fail change a YEAR before they actually achieved it? Do Spec reporters read their past coverage?!

    Evidently Neda is doing an excellent job of media management as the campaign season kicks off.

  6. hahahah  

    The Barnard opinion article is great. Why not temper some of the Manhattanville messiness by offering a merger to the ladies? I mean, we could still keep their name, except it would just be a program within the Columbia University title.

  7. Tom  

    Actually, they did mention it, lower down. They just didn't make a big deal out of it, which would have been borderline editorializing.

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