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  1. Tanya Franklin:  

    1. children whos parents have doctorates are more likely to "attain a professional degree".. its called genetics.
    2. you are the perfect example that more important then the neighboorhood you grow up in is the family that raises you... and this factor is clearly independent of means... as you have clearly demonstrated.
    3. please refrain from making columbia students seem like pretentious ignorant ass holes... bc in my opinion those type of students are the minority here..
    4. your not the only student here who has worked for teach for america, so dont think that you are the only "voice standing up for the children of our nation".. dont criticize students for standing up for the rest of the world.

  2. there are also...  

    non-Teach for America teachers who stand up for the nation of our children.

    Whatever the FUCK that means, dipshit.

  3. ...

    "You damn right! You see it's me, it's me, it's that D-O-double G. With his good friend B-A-double D, A-double crooked letter!"

  4. Kulawik '08

    This is awesome. On the cover, you get to see Kulawik in full living color. Inside, you get to see Kulawki suck Giuliani's dick.

  5. Columnist pix

    Nice to see the columnist pictures on the website

  6. Sprinkles  

    Um, Bwog, what's with your title for Tanya's piece?

  7. hmm

    so it's a reference to a song? ahh. i totally didn't get it. (not the person who posted before)

    also, http://www.jeffsachsautopark.com/

    • DHI  

      Road Dogg is not a singer but a professional wrestler who used that line as his intro. I made the mistake of assuming that more people knew it because of how often people used to shout it when I was in junior high school.

  8. haha

    The freshmen in Carman are complaining about their hotwater. pussies. Wien didnt have water for the entire last week of classes/reading period in fall of 05. did anyone notice for a week? no.

  9. num 1

    but it is called genetics.. its like saying parents with blue eyes are highly likely to have children with blue eyes

  10. num 1  

    did i read a different article?

  11. anon

    wow, what's with the animosity towards some alum writing an impassioned plea to consider tfa? it's a noble choice, she doesn't say it's the only one.

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