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It wasn’t exactly a nailbiter, but the final poll results are in: Bwog got stomped in US News’ poll for “Best Alternative Media Outlet,” coming in second to the Blogspot sensation Wesleying. Our pride, it’s hurting a little bit.  In their winner’s circle interview, Wesleying seemed a little disgruntled about how we initially pitched the contest, which included an appeal to Columbia’s pallid ego.  For the record, we’re really not Ivy snobs — we just didn’t want to be beat by anyone, anywhere.

And we both sank a blog at Harvard, so high-five, buds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems to be more in the loop than we are: the best story of the year went to Zachary Fox of USC for fighting the powers that be, that central government of ours has caused some price-hikes in the pill, and President Gordon Gee of Vanderbilt is a pimp-and-a-half.

– JDC and LBD

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  1. the attitude  

    of Bwog's 'can't get beat by no one, son' contradicts our failing sports. just a thought - no one believes us.

  2. wow  

    "There's like this Ivy League hostility to the fact that we're a small liberal arts school, and we've done something better than them"

    talk about an inferiority complex

    • Ishuku

      We here at Wesleyan take our Ivy League inferiority complex very seriously. And lovingly. Sometimes. I lie (for the most part), but there WAS a short-lived comic strip in our newspaper called Little Ivy, and everyone hated it.

      I suggested to Holly that we hold another quarter drive to send you a pie but alas, do you know how much it costs to ship a pie overnight?

      In any case, I love you, Bwog. To the point where every time I say "Bwog" I blush and gurgle a bit.

  3. Mike Lynch  

    I'm pretty surprised Bwog got beat, especially by Wesleying. They just use out of the box blogspot templates and there's considerably less reader responses than on Bwog. Next year, Bwog. Next year.

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm sure Wesleying is great, and if I had known about Wesleyan before I applied to colleges, I would have applied. I'm sure that if I had decided to go I would have had a fantabulous time.

    That said, I don't have an unhealthy addiction to Wesleying, and it doesn't cause me extreme happiness several times a day.

    Bearing all this in mind, I offer a slogan idea. I'm sure everyone else can come up with vastly more clever variations on, but the idea is very simple:

    Bwog: the college blog more addictive that [naked parties | sex in the stacks | crack | Brian Greene's lectures].

    Thanks, Bwog.

  5. zombie  

    God, we really need to bring Zombies vs. Humans to our fair campus.

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