It wasn’t exactly a nailbiter, but the final poll results are in: Bwog got stomped in US News’ poll for “Best Alternative Media Outlet,” coming in second to the Blogspot sensation Wesleying. Our pride, it’s hurting a little bit.  In their winner’s circle interview, Wesleying seemed a little disgruntled about how we initially pitched the contest, which included an appeal to Columbia’s pallid ego.  For the record, we’re really not Ivy snobs — we just didn’t want to be beat by anyone, anywhere.

And we both sank a blog at Harvard, so high-five, buds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems to be more in the loop than we are: the best story of the year went to Zachary Fox of USC for fighting the powers that be, that central government of ours has caused some price-hikes in the pill, and President Gordon Gee of Vanderbilt is a pimp-and-a-half.

– JDC and LBD